The act of decorating your home is not easy and includes careful planning and precision while selecting the elements. These days, the latest trend involves indoor plants’ placement that works to illuminate the space with their fresh and rejuvenating presence. You can always opt for bonsai plants online, which are ranked among the most beautiful category of houseplants. Considering the availability of hundreds of species of adorable bonsai trees, you can pick the best ones suitable to decorate your living room, balcony, bedroom, or office space.

Below mentioned are the top 5 bonsai trees suitable for specific areas within the house to enhance its overall appearance.  

Ficus Benjamina

Benjamin Ficus or Ficus Benjamina is a popular plant that is readily preferred to transform into a bonsai. You can count on this gorgeous evergreen tree that comprises a vast canopy supported by fine cascading branches. This is the reason why Ficus Benjamina is also called the Weeping Fig.

You can prefer keeping this bonsai tree in your house’s outdoor space, that is, porch or balcony. Ficus Benjamina is an adaptable bonsai that can also grow indoors, considering it receives bright light in a sufficient amount. You can structure the look of Ficus Benjamina in different styles, such as rock-over-root, slanting, semi-cascade, etc.

Fukien Tea

The Fukien Tea is listed among the best indoor bonsai trees that are perfect to be positioned in the hallway or bedroom. People also prefer this alluring bonsai tree as part of their office décor. The most amusing aspect of the Fukien Tea is shiny, dark-green leaves with visible white dots. You can also cherish those small white flowers that blossom throughout the year.

According to expert gardeners, you can also position this indoor bonsai in the outdoor space considering the climate is warm and doesn’t switch too frequently. Fukien Tea requires bright sunlight regardless if it’s positioned indoors or outdoors.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

The popularity of Chinese Elm Bonsai is mainly due to its easy availability and beautiful nature matching all types of décor. With a reddish-brown bark, this bonsai tree possesses oval-shapes leaflets. Usually, Chinese Elms are known for their thick bunch of leaves, which acquire a precise pattern upon growing. For beginners, selecting a Chinese Elm for their home décor, be it the bedroom, living, or porch, can prove to be a good option. You can check out nearby nurseries or online plant websites where bonsai tree for sale options are active on several popular varieties.

Always remember to wire and prune this bonsai tree if you want a particular style. Furthermore, Chinese Elm should be positioned at a spot that receives enough sunlight during the morning and evening hours. Cold drafts are not at all suitable for this lovely bonsai tree.


You simply cannot ignore having an Azalea at home. It is a fancy-looking bonsai which catches the eye of every viewer. Azalea’s blossomed appearance, which occurs in different shapes, sizes, and colors, is the most fantastic aspect of this bonsai tree. Unlike other bonsai species, Azalea does require extra care, maintenance, and soil nutrients to upkeep its stunning blooms.

It is preferred to position Azalea in outdoor spaces that receive light during the morning hours but with an afternoon shade’s convenience. You can style your Azalea bonsai tree in different ways, such as slanting, windswept, or even in an informal upright manner.

Shohin Tree

You can consider this small bonsai called Shohin Tree, which is adorable to be kept in your bedroom or office desk. During the summer months, this bonsai is decorated with elegant flowers. Interestingly, as the weather switches to a colder patch, these flowers transform into red berries! As per Bonsai enthusiasts, this miniature tree can strive for the longest if proper care is taken.

The different species of bonsais mentioned above are all suitable for beautifying your home décor. You can make a selection by matching all aspects and finally adding the plant as part of the indoor or outdoor interior. Do check out bonsai tree for sale as such offers will help you access some of the exquisite varieties of bonsais at an affordable price.