hand digging flowerbed ground with garden trowel

Compost in the garden can be an eyesore – not only to you, but also to your neighbours. Depending on your location, compost can attract animals and reptiles as a form of habitation. The odour emitted can also be off-putting to the point where you may decide that you no longer want to continue with composting. 

There are, however, ways that you can beautify your compost bins in the garden while also tackling the other issues that may come with compost bins. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can implement this in your garden. 

1. Invest in a Quality Compost Bins

Quality compost bins are compact and portable. These don’t take up space in your garden meaning you don’t have to constantly try curbing the spread of compost in your yard space. As much as these are compact, they can take in large amounts of compost and have easy access when it’s ready to use. The designs of compost bins are such that the surrounding community and animals won’t be aware that you have compost in your yard, thereby making it a beautiful investment. You can find different designs that suit your needs, such as standalone bin or a grinder for fine compost particles. You also won’t have to worry about any odour emitted and simply enjoy your garden. 

2. Cover Open Bins

If you build a bin using different material such as branches, you can cover the top opening to make it more beautiful. You can get creative by covering with different material such as biodegradable fabric which will also become compost, plants, or thatch. Covering the top of the bin means that you won’t see the content and it won’t attract as many animals. You will just have to make sure that you constantly replace the cover when it tears or also becomes a part of the compost. 

3. Build a Plant Hedge

The advantages of building a plant hedge around your compost is that the plants will benefit from the compost that they surround. You must make sure that the plants you decide to plant are ones that will be tall and thick enough to cover the compost. Make sure to pull out weeds that may grow and attack the plants after a period. You will have to water your plants to make sure that these don’t wither, leaving the compost exposed. 

4. Dig a Hole

Digging a hole for your compost bin means, from a distance, the compost won’t be visible. If you are going to dig a hole as a compost bin, you must make sure that this is positioned away from the house. You wouldn’t want a situation where the worms that form in the compost start to make their way to the house. You should make sure that you don’t throw foodstuff such as meat in the compost as this will rot and the stench will surround your household. If you want to include meat stuff and dairy into compost, you may have to consider investing in a quality compost bin that caters to such waste. 

5. Dig a Trench

You can dig a trench in your yard and build wood carvings along the trench that will act as the compost holders. You must make sure that the wood is treated as this kind of compost bin strategy is one that can invite termites. You can also cover the trenches using the wood carvings, meaning the compost will be out of sight and won’t get drenched in rain or snow. 

6. Build a Cabin

You can build a cabin that is solely meant for your compost bins. If the cabin is well ventilated and spacious, you can be sure that your compost won’t emit odour compared to being stacked in a tight unventilated space. You will have to make sure that the wood is treated to, again, avoid termite problems. 

7. Build a Concrete Box

You can use bricks to build a permanent concrete structure to cover the bins that are then inserted inside. From a distance, it will just appear as if it is a concrete structure without any decomposing waste in it. You will have to make sure to keep the concrete box tidy by sweeping the waste that may have fallen out of the bins. 

8. Make a Hardwire Cylinder

To make a hardwire cylinder, you will need to buy mesh hardwire cloth and structure it around your compost. Although this doesn’t hide the compost, it gives it a steady shape. This means that you don’t have running compost on your land, giving you more space to plant. You will also need wire and cables to be able to hold the structure together. 

9. Stack Tires

If you are using cylindrical structures as bins, you can stack tires over these. You can also paint the tires to give your yard a colour theme, and this will hide the compost in your yard. When you are ready to use the compost, it’s simply a matter of removing the tires and tilting the cylindrical bin for use. 

10. Use Straw Bales

Straw bales can be collected and placed in such a way that conceals open bins. It will seem as if you simply have a hay design in your yard which enhances the look. This theme would fit in effortlessly with the fall decorations, yet you will also be productively creating compost. 


Beautifying compost bins in your garden can be fun, thought it does require some creativity and personal preference. Some of the styles you can adopt to beautify your bins include investing in quality compost bins that take in large compost yet remain compact and portable, covering open bins, building a hedge around the bins, digging a hole or trench, building a well-ventilated cabin where you place your bins, building a concrete box, weave a hardwire cylinder, stack tires, or use straw bales. 

Make sure to research the types of waste you can include in different kinds of bins to avoid compost issues such as odour and those that become animal habitats.