Choosing a real estate agent is one, if not the, most important decision you will make when purchasing a new home. It is important that you find realtors that will offer you the best opportunities for you, rather than sealing the best deals for them. 

Whilst there is no real particular formula a real estate agent must follow, there are some key traits they could have to positively impact your search. The goal being that you can find a realtor that will stick with you for the whole journey of buying a house, no matter how stressful. 

1. Do your research

When looking for a realtor there are various databases you can use, real estate agent lists you can join and other inventive ways to get into communication with the right person for the job. Realtors commission when they sell homes for their clients, be aware of this and do not fall into the trap of scoring them a profit over your own personal gain. 

Ensure you visit all surrounding real estate agents and their offices; see which ones feel like the right fit for you. Call them up or just generally have a snoop around to make sure they offer the right properties for you. Even if it adds more time to your house search, it is worth it in the long run.

2. Communication is key

You must have a realtor that can successfully communicate with you, the seller and any other pawns in the deal. It may be a good idea to visit a potential real estate agents open house, see how they communicate with guests and build a rapport. Seeing them in action may help you to decide on which agent to use, or what style of selling you prefer.

Communication and relationship building are the most important skills a real estate agent can have. If they are confident in themselves and their trade they will be a great asset to you, and the purchase or sale of a home.

3. Strong market knowledge

As you know all markets are different, it is important that your agent is commercially aware. If they have strong market knowledge in your local market, then they could be a worthy agent to hire. Through having this impeccable local market knowledge as you start to divulge in the house you hope to buy, they should be able to give you few examples off the top of their heads.

An agent with strong market knowledge is not as easy to find as you may think. Get an agent that can communicate this well to you from the first instance in meeting them. This way you can also learn about their intentions and motivations too. 

4. Look for positive reviews

Positive reviews are a sure fire way to help you choose the best realtor for you. Usually when anyone uses a realtor service they will leave honest reviews and testimonials regarding their service. This will help you to find the best ones out there and focus your searches on these.

From these reviews you can also find the realtors contact information, this will help you to make the first contact with them. As the reviews provided by customers online are not done by necessity they are a great tool for you to use to find the best realtors in the business.

5. The more experience the better

The more real life experience a realtor has, the better they will be in assisting you to sell or buy a house. A real estate agents experience is key to getting you the best deals, incentives and bargain finds. 

Of course, this is not to say that someone new in the business is unworthy of your time. If a newer realtor understands your wants and needs you should give them the recognition they deserve. Go with your gut on this one and choose the right match for you, just remember that track records do speak volumes in the housing market world.


Finding a good realtor is a personal quest relevant to the prospective buyer, or seller. After doing all your research and spending time finding the right firm or practise that suites your needs, you must listen to your intuition. 

Determining what a good realtor is depends on the client in question, what is good for you may be different to someone else. Do not take all reviews, or word of mouth as fact, please check for yourself. This is a big decision to make and so do not take it lightly.

Remember that if you feel comfortable and happy with your choice, than it is the right one. Be transparent with you wishes and offer them as much information they require to help you get the home of your dreams.