Is your yard feeling a case of the winter blues? Do you wish there was something that you could do to brighten up space and make it as inviting as possible without blowing a hole in your budget? Want to add a cozy area for entertaining and relaxing during those warm summer nights or be able to enjoy your yard during those cooler spring evenings when the dredges of winter are finally leaving? With a few minor improvements and the addition of some key items, you can have a backyard that could be featured in an interior design magazine!

For Starters:

Before committing to any project or changing up the design of your yard, it is important to complete a few key tasks beforehand:

  • Set a budget in place and strive to stick to it. Allot a predetermined amount of dollars for unexpected expenses that can arise when overhauling an area of the home.
  • Look at garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops for vintage or unique items that can be added to the home easily and on the cheap!
  • Have an overall idea in mind of what you want your yard to look like so items can be purchased that fit the idea in your mind. This will allow you to avoid ending up with items you won’t use or having a mishmash of things lying around that looks messy instead of structured or artful.
  • Determine where to purchase bigger items or where to rent tools if needed (for patio repairs, laying a walking path, etc.).

Now that the groundwork has been laid for completing the overhaul of your yard and bringing an interior design from the indoor living space to the outside, it is time to look at some ways to bring these ideas to fruition!

Open the Door to the Outside

Open the Door to the Outside

One way to bring interior design to your yard is to invite your yard to come inside. What is meant by that statement is to open the entrance to your yard by installing drapes that can be tied back to show glimpses of the yard through the doorway? If your entrance is a sliding patio door, try staining around the door to match the outdoors with deep woodsy color in green or brown.
Use light fabric drapes to allow natural sunlight to come in during the day but ensure they have a lining that allows privacy during the evening and nighttime hours.

In the hallway that leads to the yard, hang pictures that reflect the outside, such as bright flowers or a cozy fire scene. Show visitors what they can expect from your yard and leave them anxious to see more!

The Patio

The Patio

If you have natural wood or hardwood floors in your home, then bring that color outside. If replacing the boards of your patio is not in the budget, then don’t worry! Simply head to your local hardware store and purchase a wood stain that matches or is similar to the color of your indoor flooring and within a weekend? Completely overhaul the look of the space.

Most patio stains are also weather resistant which can go a long way in preserving the wood and preventing exposure to the elements. While it might have to be touched up each spring, it will prevent moisture and rot from forming within the boards; extending the life of your patio.

If you have a patio furniture set that has been constructed with wood, then stain the color of it to match the furniture in your dining room or living room for a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside. If this isn’t an option, then purchase patio cushions in the same shades as the colors used in the main living areas of your home for a modern but cozy look.

The Fire Pit

The Fire Pit

If you don’t have a fire pit, then these can be purchased through your local hardware or made from an old steel drum. You can also construct your own fire pit using flat rocks and flame-resistant mortar to set it into place.

Have comfortable chairs (without cushions or fabrics if possible, in the case of sparks) surrounding this area to invite relaxation. In a decorative bin, have the items needed to roast marshmallows or sparklers to light up the night sky.

If a fire pit is something that cannot be achieved due to a lack of space or council restrictions, then purchase a garage heater that can heat the surrounding areas and give the illusion of sitting around a crackling fire pit. You can still arrange to seat around this so you and your company can comfortably pass the evening away outdoors with music and laughter. Want to know the best garage heaters with top reviews? Go to the source, also known as


To fully transition interior design to your yard, add decoration! Think garden statues, decorative flower pots with bright flowers. Plant shrubs around the patio to add a natural feel and hang wind chimes in the trees for the soft musical experience. String bright or warm lights throughout the trees or around the entrance to the patio to add a magical glow (while increasing safety).


As we just found out, it is easy to bring interior design to your yard and transform the space into a relaxing, inviting oasis that is perfect for spending long summer nights with your loved ones. Spending time outside, surrounded by the sounds and smells of Mother Nature is an experience to be treasured. Memories can be made in your yard and it is a perfect place to let the stresses of everyday life wash away.

Spruce up the space with cheerful bright flowers, construct a seating area that surrounds a fire pit, install a small pond – whatever you chose to do to transition interior design to your yard is entirely up to you and should reflect your unique personality; after all, this will be a miniature slice of paradise right outside your door!