If you have gone through a traumatic experience of having a fire in your home, and are lucky to have put it out quickly enough, your home may have still suffered significant damage to require repairs. There are certain steps that you need to take to ensure that it is okay and safe to proceed.

Initial Inspection

After a fire has occurred in your home, you have to do several things to properly go through the repair process. The first thing that you need to do once everyone is safe and the fire has been put out is return to your home and go through an inspection. This will be important to determine if it is safe to enter and do the needed repairs on the home and if it can be salvaged. Prosperitypa can help you go over the amount of damages your home has incurred and see exactly what needs to be addressed. Not only is an inspection important for you determining how to proceed with repairs, but is needed by your insurance company to assist you with a claim and help with the coverages you might be entitled to as repairs may get expensive. 

Cleaning Damages

Once you have determined that your home is safe to do repairs on, you will need to do a substantial amount of cleaning, depending on the amount of overall damage that your house has sustained. When cleaning, you have to remove all the soot and debris that has resulted from the fire. This will help with the air quality in your home and reduce any residual smells and odors left from the fire. You will need to ensure that your home is clean as well in places where mold, mildew and rot can set in where it has been damaged and water can set in after the fire has been extinguished. For stains that are unable to be cleaned, you may have to consider repainting the surface, as long as it is still structurally sound. 

Removing Lost Possessions

After a fire, especially large fires that spread quickly and did significant damage, you will have to go through your things in the home and determine what must be removed and thrown away. This is a difficult step of the process, as these materials may not be easy to part with and will have an emotional toll on you. If you don’t have to throw out items that were involved in the fire, you may still need to have them cleaned to prevent them from contaminating the rest of your home.

Structural Repairs

Once you have cleaned your home, you need to evaluate the structural damages. Even if you have gone through an inspection to determine that it is indeed safe to repair your home, you may still need to do a significant amount in terms of repairs. These are not always easy to do on your own, and if this is the case, you may need to contact some professionals for extra help and assistance. The same goes for other areas of your home such as plumb, electrical and ventilation repairs.

Hiring Experts And Professionals

Sometimes, a repair after a fire may feel too big, or even just too overwhelming to handle on your own. Market professionals at RestorationBoost.com understand how difficult it can be trying to get back to your day to day life. This is why they recommend that professionals handle most of the major problems that you have when it comes to fire damage. This is especially important when dealing with large damages where you simply cannot handle the repairs on your own. Professionals will have the experience to understand the process to restore your home, and the proper set of tools to do the job. 


During your clean up, the repairs process, and even after the repairs have been done, you should be running dehumidifiers and purifiers to ensure that the air quality is good. Dehumidifiers will help right after a fire has occurred and the surfaces are still wet from having put it out. This will help prevent mold from settling into surfaces, especially wood surfaces that have lost their protective coating and seal. Purifiers will help with the smell that is likely to linger for a while, especially while doing the repairs and work within your home.

A fire will have just as much, if not more psychological and emotional damage after an event has occurred. Take the time to process the situation, and this will allow you to move through the different steps of repairing your home with a mindful eye and ensure those repairs are done properly.