Odessa is teeming with roofing contractors left and right. But how to sift the mediocre from the accredited and the professional? Click here and read on to learn what factors to watch out for in scouting for the best roofing company in the Lone Star State. 

1. Accreditation And Licensing

The first factor you should have your eyes set on when looking for the best roofing contractors is that not only should their business be registered, but that their employees are licensed to exercise their expertise in roofing. 

More than being among the variables which tell customers of the level of expertise that contractors have obtained, by going through and passing rigorous training and seminars, it’s an issue of safety, too. “Safety” in the sense that roofing experts are knowledgeable in their profession so as to know the “hows” of roofing. Roofing, being a much more dangerous occupation than many think. 

2. Insurance

As a follow up to the previous statement, a good roofing company will have insurance set in place both for the employees as well as for their customers. For the first, “insurance” here will serve as employee protection in the event that mishaps take place within their working hours on the job. 

This means that you will not be held liable, even if said accident happens within your backyard. 

As for the second, it talks of insurance in relation to you. Should damages befall your property and fixtures within, or injury affect you and your family, a portion of the medical cost will be shouldered by the company. 

The second half of the definition of “insurance” in the context of roofing contracting may not be required of all companies accordingly. However, the first— employee insurance— has to be a definite must in homeowners’ books.

3. Company History

A defining feature of roofing agencies is their company history. How long have they been in business? If not, how new are they as contractors? These questions may indirectly lead to answering another— which is “roofing experience”. 

Besides asking about when the company was established, inquire about the skilled professionals themselves. The business may have a solid foundation in being in the business for quite some time. But what about their workers? How many homes have they completed contracts with? 

Collecting these shreds of information, both of the company’s professional record, along with that of their employees, are qualities to keep tabs on.

4. Communication And Scheduling

You’ll get a pretty good idea of the way a company treats their customers with how they communicate with them. With you. How easy is it for customers to get a hold of any one of their available agents? How’s their response time to inquiries? What about scheduling? Are they fond of moving or rescheduling roofing repair dates? 

If it’s tough to schedule appointments with them, let alone talk to a company representative, you may want to go for a different company that values customer service on a higher level.

5. Maintenance

Ask about how they handle maintenance visits after every roofing job is completed. The best contractors usually throw in return check-ups on the most previous work they’ve done on your home’s roof, by default. If this is something you welcome, by all means, go ahead and schedule said maintenance work at your convenience. Even better, the costs are usually much less for return-customers.