When asked for renovation, many contractors encountered all sorts of problems like a painted cement wall starting to peel, a wooden wall rotting or infested, with termites and all insects you can think of, or a tiled wall filled with molds due to excessive moisture.

Such problems cannot be solved by simply painting, spraying pesticides, or major cleaning. These can help but will only prolong your clients’ worry when the root cause is not solved.

More often than not, clients, especially those who are renovating or fixing their walls for the first time, would seek recommendations from contractors, specifically on the materials they should use for their walls, the brand of the walls they will use, and so much more.

As contractors, you are in the capacity to suggest the best possible material they can use to make their walls sparkling clean and looking new. More and more contractors started shifting to Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax and have been recommending Duramax to their clients, and the results are loved by many.

Wanna know why most contractors in the US prefer Trusscore Panels by Duramax?

Fixing damaged walls also involved getting the right materials and talking to product experts — which is important not to fall short of applying the wrong material. Duramax Wall Experts has supported hundreds of contractors in different parts of the United States and have been partners in building and construction since then, advocating the use of hygienic, durable, and moist-resistant Trusscore PVC Panels made by Duramax.

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Most facilities that produce moisture trust Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax. Check out how Trusscore PVC Wall Panels by Duramax are good on:

  • Wall and Ceiling coverings at your home
  • Car Wash facilities
  • Cannabis indoor grow rooms
  • Food grade facilities:
  • Kitchen Restaurants

Talk to Duramax Wall Experts through their toll-free hotline at 323-352-9279 from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Mondays to Fridays.

You may also visit their website: https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/.

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