As contractors handling vinyl fencing projects, it is necessary to refresh your knowledge of the terms and definitions of the materials used. In this blog, we hope to give you some of the basic terms and definitions here to make your proposals more detailed and show mastery to every client you interact with.

Understanding Vinyl Fence terminologies and proposing a desirable brand like Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences will serve as your assets moving forward when discussing your proposed design with your clients.

Here are some of the terms you should know.

Duragrain Privacy. These are fences that look and feel like a traditional wooden fence. It comes in brilliant grained colors like adobe, white, and tan, enhancing the look of every home or yard you are renovating. You can even up your game by proposing a mix and max of colors of posts and rails. Duragrain fences insulate better than wood and aluminum fencing and are good for the environment and your pocket too!

Privacy Fence. From the name itself, this fancy style gives a sense of privacy while inside a property. It has no gaps between its solid panels, looking like a wall partition. This type is best used in an urban set-up or community where homes are close to each other.

Semi-privacy Fence. If your clients want to strike a balance between privacy and airflow, we highly recommend that you use a Semi-privacy fence. Here, your clients would still feel they are part of the community, as it is designed to improve privacy without the feeling of seclusion. This type features half an inch spacing between pickets allowing air and light to enter.

Perimeter Fence. The most common fencing type, perimeter vinyl fences, are commonly used to set barriers and establish boundaries. It is also used to decorate front yards, making them look appealing inside and out. This style has evenly spaced vertical panels that are attached to horizontal rails. If your clients are worried about painting and repainting their fences, PVC vinyl fences don’t require one.

Post & Rail Fence. This type is designed to keep larger pets and animals contained in one area. It has an open design allowing a better view of the property outside. Post & Rail Fences are commonly found in ranches, farms, and large estates. Its smooth texture keeps your pets and large animals away from cuts and splinters.

Pool Fence. This type is installed mainly near the pool to serve as a safety barrier for your pets, your kids, and even adults. Duramax Pool Fences can endure all types of weather conditions and can withstand water and moisture. Your clients will for sure get the much-needed protection around their pool with PVC Vinyl Pool Fence.

Traditional Fence. These are the old, classic fences that are revolutionized by a durable material such as PVC Vinyl. Style of which varies and may depend on the client’s taste and requirement. These can be straight dog ear picket fences, spade picket fences, scallop spade fences, and many more. What’s good about this style is that it brings out the good in old designs, and there’s a lot of colors, designs, and sizes to choose from. Your clients will surely like it. When choosing PVC Vinyl Fences, make sure it is from Duramax.

Wall Topper. If your client has an existing stone wall, you may opt to add wall toppers instead of rebuilding wall footings. Wall toppers are easy-to-install, fast and efficient. They are highly adaptable materials that can fit with almost all types of walls. By installing wall toppers, your client saves a lot of budgets too! Duramax has PVC Vinyl Wall toppers that are 2′ high and 8′ wide, adding a sense of privacy to your client’s property and making it look presentable at the same time.

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