These tiny parasites are smaller than the tip of a fingernail. They are hard to notice during daylight hours, as they tend to come out at night from your mattress. You will never really notice them until they begin to feed on you during sleep. The bites they produce can become itchy and swell.

You can do away with the pest from your home. Be willing to do the work involved in the elimination process. It will take time to make sure the problem is gone. A bedbug infestation is a serious health problem that will worsen. Take the steps today to purge your house of a major pest issue.

Locate Areas of Infestation

Bedbugs are notorious at reproducing. You need to start searching all areas of infestation inside the home to get the problem under control. You can search for the parasites or hire a professional extermination company to solve the health issue.

The bugs tend to hide in dark areas to avoid detection. They can get under the mattress or between seams to hide. You can find them under the cushions of a couch where the infestation is occurring. People have found them in some of the most unthinkable spots imagined. They have been located hiding behind loose wallpaper. Baseboards and cracks in furniture allow them to escape detection.
Locate Areas of Infestation

Stopping the Spread of Infestation

Hiring an exterminating company will be your easiest option in eliminating the bedbug problem. You better be ready for some serious work when you try to stop the infestation on your own. The first thing you want to do is start with the first infested area. A strong vacuum cleaner is recommended to remove all traces of bedbugs.

Use all the attachments with your vacuum to reach hard to get areas. Take your time during the vacuum process to completely remove all traces of the parasites. Vacuum every inch of the room where you think they can hide. This means under furniture and wallboards. You may have to remove dresser drawers to find traces of bedbugs.

The vacuuming process is tedious and time-consuming. Remove the bag from the vacuum to seal up in a plastic bag to throw away. Thoroughly vacuum until you think all areas of infestation have been covered.

Make sure to wash all the bedding in hot water before you do the vacuuming. Any clothes or blankets that can’t be washed immediately should be wrapped up in plastic bags.

Killing Bedbug Infestation

The use of chemicals inside a home is never recommended. The only real way to stop the infestation from reoccurring is by these formulas used to eliminate them. Manufacturers have a lot of technical names for these formulas. Here is a small list:

  • Desiccants work to destroy the bedbug’s protective coating. They work slowly and can take months to eliminate an infestation.
  • Pyrroles will kill bedbugs by cell damage.
  • Neonicotinoids damage the nervous system of bedbugs causing them to perish.
  • Foggers are good at killing the parasites.
  • Oil-based products can help eliminate bedbugs.

Killing Bedbug Infestation
Discuss your bedbug infestation with those who know what works to eliminate an infestation. They have extensive knowledge of what kinds of formulas will work best.

Purchasing a New Mattress

You might have to buy a new mattress to eliminate the infestation. Bedbugs can get inside a mattress where you can’t use a vacuum to remove them. It might be the only alternative you have to eliminate the infestation.

Make sure you keep a mattress protective cover on all of the mattresses inside your house to help avoid the chance of infestation. The protection is well worth the costs involved to help avoid a bedbug infestation.