Difficult to eradicate, their presence can quickly become a nightmare. The bed bugs, or Cimex Lectularius, are blood-sucking insects: they feed on blood. Originally, these insects lived in caves, alongside bats. When the first men settled at the entrance to the caves, this parasite began to take an interest in humans and never left them.

Today, there is a strong resurgence of bedbugs in developed and undeveloped countries. It is not uncommon to see whole buildings infested, and their inhabitants tearing their hair out in an attempt to get rid of them. In this article, we will help you get rid of bed bugs through different methods such as vacuuming, traps and bed bug bombs.

Spotting bed bugs

Spotting bed bugs

They have no wings, and move mainly thanks to humans. Bed bugs can grow up to 0.18 inches or the size on an apple seed. Due to their small size and light color, eggs and larvae are more difficult to detect. If bedbugs do not hesitate to move around after dark to bite us, their places of life are generally difficult to access. If you do not find yourself face to face with these insects, certain signs should alert you to a possible infestation, and after that, get your bed bug bombs ready.

Visible bites.

They resemble those of mosquitoes: itchy red marks. According to people, they can disappear quickly or develop into an allergic reaction that causes painful blisters.

Please note: these insects bite the person who gives off the most heat first. It is therefore not uncommon for one of the two occupants of the same bed to be affected at the start of the infestation.

Small black spots on the sheets, mattress, box spring or the floor or walls.

These little spots of digested blood are actually the droppings of insects, which deposit them outside their hiding places.

Fine streaks of blood on the sheets.

They are caused by the crushing of bedbugs during the sleep of those affected.

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Mechanical control

At the first sign, do not delay reacting. A lack of responsiveness can change everything: the longer we wait, the more complicated it is to solve the problem. To get rid of it, you have to follow a two-step action plan. Before considering insecticide treatment, bed bug bombs and using chemicals that are often harmful to health, mechanical control should be preferred.

Vacuum thoroughly.

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Make sure to vacuum every corner of your house. wardrobes, gaps between the parquet boards, don’t forget any potential hiding places. Be careful, the vacuum cleaner does not kill the bedbugs, which could come out and contaminate other parts of the habitat. After each suction, the duct and the tips must be cleaned, and the bag closed tightly before being thrown in an external bin.

Steam clean at 110 ° C, ideally 180 ° C.

At this temperature, bedbugs are instantly killed and the device can process textiles and reach inaccessible corners. If you do not have a steam cleaner, it is quite possible to rent this type of device.

Get rid of infested furniture (as a last resort).

It is important to make sure that they will be deposited directly at the recycling center to be destroyed. Placing them on the street or handing them over to a consignment store would mean moving the problem elsewhere.

Try the diatomaceous earth.

Composed from microscopic fossilized algae, this product is a powerful natural insecticide. When it is placed on the bedbug path, it attaches to them and kills them by dehydration in 5 to 15 days. To handle it, however, be sure to wear a mask so as not to inhale it, it could be toxic. Same for pets

Toxic Control

Secondly, if necessary, chemical control should be considered. It is possible to implement it yourself, but this method which uses toxic products is restrictive and requires taking a certain number of precautions. Using bed bug bombs or sprays can cause serious health issues if used incorrectly.

Making sure you follow the safety guidelines of every bed bug bomb or toxic spray before using it. Pay extra attention if you have children or pets in the house, bad usage could result in health problem that sometimes may lead to death.

How can you be sure that you have got rid of bedbugs?

How can you be sure that you have got rid of bedbugs

Whatever the method chosen and the means implemented, no technique can guarantee total and immediate effectiveness. However, the simplest assessment consists in observing the absence of bites over a long period (1 or 2 months). After this time, there is a good chance that the bedbugs will have disappeared. Nevertheless, this waiting time is particularly stressful for people facing bedbugs.

I myself have experienced the bedbug infestation of my home as a real psychological trauma. For me, it all started in May 2013, when my oldest son complained of bites and rashes.

In his sheets, he notices traces of blood. Lifting the bed, she found eggs nestled in the slats of the box spring. A quick internet search helps him recognize the bedbugs: “Panic on board!” I wanted to act quickly, and I bought a specific product in a DIY store. After a tedious application, it seems to take no effect on the invaders.

To the great evils the great remedies: I decides to throw all the furniture of my son. When i came back from a vacation, it seemed that I have gotten rid of the bed bugs! This time, they took over my second son’s bedroom that seems to be overrun with bedbugs. Discouraged, I decided to call on a pest control professional at the end.

A month after the last treatment, no trace of bedbugs and no bites on my family, but I admit that I am always on the alert. I find myself tracking down bedbugs in the apartment, I became paranoid. In my case, I have used all the DIY methods, all the bed bug bombs and all the toxic spray I could find, I was informed later on by the professionals that when I found out about the bed bugs, it was all too late and my house was all infested.