Composite decking generally adds more durability to any kind of desk. It includes different materials. Composite decking is one kind of man-made building product. It is a mixture of plastics, bonding agents, and wood fibers, etc. 

The method of composite decking installation is the same as the traditional wooden decking. You can install composite decking by following some tools and techniques.

Let’s know the broad discussion about composite decking with its proper installation process.

Why Add a Deck to Your Home?

According to, if you can install a gazebo on your deck it will definitely increse your home value and beautify your property space instantly. Perhaps, a well-furnished deck generally increases the value of a home. You will get a big return on your investment if there is a beautiful deck in your home. If a person decides to sell his house, he should build a deck in his house soon. It will definitely enhance the price value of the house. 

Let’s know the reasons to add a deck in your home-

  • A beautiful deck will increase your home price value

A deck can offer you a hundred percent return in value. You will get back your investment surely if you sell your home. Just make a beautiful deck and enhance the value of your sweet home.

  • A deck can provide the outdoor enjoyment

Modern wood decking will offer you to enjoy an outdoor space with nature. You will enjoy the greenery environment, open sky, and the woody feeling under your feet.

  • Party time

You can make parties with your friends and families with a deck. It is not very costly and very easy to clean. 

  • Enjoy new look

You will find different decking materials in the market. Just express the design of your deck with different natural materials. You can add other composite materials also.

  • Enhance living space

The homeowners want to use a deck with different plants. You can decorate it with a dining table with different decorative materials. It will increase the beauty of your outdoor space.

How to Install a Composite Decking with Hidden Fasteners

Everyone wants to get an eco-friendly, long-lasting, and durable deck. You will get some advantages of composite decking. People like to use the materials of composite decking because they are very easier to install. You can use hidden fasteners to build a composite deck. 

Building a composite deck with hidden fasteners is a very simple process. Let’s have a look at the process of composite decking with fasteners step by step-

  • Fastener: Fasten Master

TC-1 clip is a system. It is designed to hide fasteners to build softwood decking boards. It is combined with a simple 3 step installation process to build a fastener-free secured decking surface.

  • Fastener: Trex

Self-gripping hardware is one of the main fastener components. It can attach two boards together. You can find it available in the company’s Elevations steel framing.

  • Fastener: Simpson strong-tie

 The EV-TY is a premium hidden deck-fastening system. It consists of some materials like a guide, drill bit, steel plate, and black head-painted trim screw. These are used to build redwood, cedar decking, and exotic hardwood.

  • Fastener: deck Wise

Deck wise is one of the hidden deck fasteners. It is three times stronger than any other fastener system. The lpe clip allows the natural contraction of wood decking. For holding decking to joists, rigid stainless steel is inserted. 

  • Fastener: Senco

It is called the Mantis deck clip system. This system is for providing a hidden fastener solution. This can be composed of wood, composited, and PVC. Some equipment like starter, finish clips, and deck is used to ensure a smooth and beautiful deck surface.

Final Thought

A hidden fastening system provides a clean and smooth surface to install decking. It also allows for a topside installation process. How to install composite decking? We have already discussed the installation process with hidden fasteners. To get an amazing composite deck, use the fasteners, and let’s enjoy!