Nothing hurts more than leaving your cozy bed and stepping into a chilly bathroom. The cold floor and toilet seat will make you so uncomfortable that you would never want to give your body this unpleasant experience again. 

The bathroom is the coldest part of anybody’s house. However, it does not have to be this way for you also. You can take several steps to keep your bathroom as cozy and warm as the rest of your house. Some of them are given below:

Put a heat lamp:

Heat lamp is something that will immediately increase the temperature of the bathroom. The lamp also dries the bathroom floor quickly without the moisture is the cause of the coldness in the bathroom. You don’t need to keep them on always. As and when you visit the bathroom, turn it on and don’t forget to turn off while leaving 

Install bathroom ceiling heater:

We often install heaters in the ceiling but again, we ignore the bathroom completely. Now, there are such heaters in the market that are specially designed for the ceiling of the bathroom. It helps you get rid of unnecessary moisture in the bathroom and also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space in order to shop for bathroom ceiling heater.

Give a fresh paint coating to it:

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that the fresh coat of paint also contributes to lowering the temperature of the shower space. These days, insulating paints are available that contain ceramic and other insulating materials that reflect heat from the walls and don’t let it escape. Due to this, heat stays in the bathroom for a longer amount of time. 

Don’t turn on exhaust fan:

Exhaust fans are generally used to pull out all the air from the bathroom. So, if you keep it on, it will pull out all the heat making your space chilly and shivery cold. Think of your bathroom as any other part of your house that needs to be kept warm by not leaving any place for heat to escape out from. Keep all the windows and doors closed and use air heaters to remove the moisture from the bathroom instead of an exhaust fan. It might not be possible for you to not turn on the exhaust fan. So, if you feel that there is a need for it, do it when you are not using the bathroom. 

Use a bunch of rugs and carpets:

We often use carpets and rugs in our bedrooms because we want to keep them warm and cozy. Similarly, we can use carpets and rugs in the bathroom also for the same purpose. Bathroom tiles are the primary reason why our bathrooms are generally colder than other parts of the house. Covering these tiles can significantly absorb the heat keeping it warm. However, it is important to keep in mind that it could get really hard to keep them clean.