Painting your furniture is one of the most direct and cost-effective ways to create your old furniture look new. Freshly painted furniture can enhance the appearance of your furniture, and it can also improve the appearance of your house. To be more likely to see how you can change your furniture with paint, you should first learn the different paint methods for furniture. gives the best approaches to give your furniture a new and remarkable look. Every painting method is done slightly different, but the final products will be drastically unique.


The bold color method is the most direct way to handle the painting. You choose the base color you want to paint your furniture with and then select from the three various shades of that color. Every varying color will be utilized to paint a different place of furniture. Try to use the darkest tones in the exterior areas or on the edges of your furniture, while applying the lighter tones in the central, more distinctive regions. If you love more shades of variation, you can follow a similar strategy but use different tones.


This method is intended to give your furniture a work of art, antique look. To get into this look, you need to use several coats in progressively muted tones.

First, you have to use the base coat of paint and then allow it to dry completely. However, after drying, use a second coating, but now with a different shading than the original color. When this second coat has dried, gently wipe it off so that the first coat is a little visible. Repeat this procedure until you get that antique appearance you are looking for.


The way to give your furniture a durable and distressed appearance is to use the glaze. For the base coat, you have to use oil paint. Often a lighter shade, such as purple or white, is the best shading choice for this layer. The moment this paint has dried, you will use your glaze in some color of brown. To set up your coating, you should dilute some water-based paint in water. After applying this coating, allow it to dry thoroughly. Then take a wet material and rub it on the dry surface. Again, you can repeat this procedure to achieve the ideal distressed look.


These are some of the numerous furniture painting methods which you can use to reshape your furniture. Feel free to be resourceful and combine one of these methods to get something exciting in the end. Play with the artwork process, and you’ll probably end up with furniture that looks new but brings your style and taste. It is always advisable to keep your furniture clean. In the event that it is fabric furniture, you should vacuum it more often. And if it’s wood, you should clean it more regularly. For more information on how you to make your furniture look more antique, or make your old furniture look new, visit