When you already own a house and don’t have much money for expansion, there’s not truly much that you can do about the actual size. This can be frustrating, especially as most people have a natural aversion to small and stuffy spaces. Nonetheless, there are actually a whole variety of small ways that you can make your house feel a lot bigger than it actually is, boosting your mental health in the process. If you are interested in learning more, it is definitely worth reading the guide created for your reading pleasure below. Take a look now to learn more. 

Install French Windows

One way to make your house feel far bigger than it is and naturally blend in with the surrounding environment is by installing French windows. Having lots of natural light also comes with the benefit of improving both your mental and physical health. The trick is all being able to manage the light coming into your house, whether it’s through the French windows or another way. That’s why it might be a great idea to install some stylish modern plantation shutters today. Take a look around for a third party that will be able to install these with ease and at a reasonable price. 

Lighter Colors

If your house is outfitted in dark and gritty colors, you will find that it will feel a lot smaller than it truly is. This is because dark colors have a much more difficult time reflecting light properly. That’s why it might be worth trying to repaint your walls with much brighter colors that will reflect the light in a much nicer way, thus making your house feel bigger. You can take up painting yourself as a fun way to bond with your friends and family, or you can even hire professionals to do the hard work for you. 

Clean out The Clutter

It’s a well-known maxim that cluttered houses can equal a cluttered mind. Clutter can also make your house feel much more full than it probably is. That’s why it might be worth adopting a more minimalist approach in order to free up a whole lot of space and make your house feel like it’s much bigger than it truly is. You can donate your unwanted objects to a charity shop, meaning that you can easily kill two birds with one stone in the process. 


Mirrors are a smart way to give the artificial sense that you live in a much bigger space than you truly are. This is because they simply reflect the surroundings you already live in, meaning that you can double the size of a room with just a simple installation. The great part about mirrors is how versatile their installation is, meaning that you can either have large mirrors that can cover the whole of a wall or smaller mirrors that capture reflections here and there that can go a long way in adding the illusion of space to your rooms.