Think about the time you spend in your bed every day. Eight hours? Ten? Six? Assuming you sleep eight hours a day as most people do, you spend a third of your life in bed. If you are going to spend so much time in bed, you should make sure you do it comfortably.

Sleeping and having rest are a necessity for your body to be in optimal condition. If you don’t get proper rest, the result will be counterproductive. Your productivity at work will decrease, and you won’t perform all your daily tasks. Why suffer? You better pay attention to procuring the most comfortable bed possible.

However, your sleep style is unique. Each person has their optimal posture to sleep and rest soundly. A standard bed frame provides a flat surface only. If your body doesn’t adapt to sleeping on a flat surface, you’ll end up turning, snoring, and doing other things but sleep. So, if you wake up every morning exhausted, the solution to your problem can be an automatic bed.

Automatic beds provide the ultimate comfort. With the push of a button, you can adjust the shape of the sleeping surface. This type of bed utilizes an adjustable bed frame, which is much more flexible than a standard one. To get a better idea of how such a bed frame operates, you can see this link.

Automatically adjustable beds were originally designed for hospitals. They are used in medical settings to provide comfort to patients that have to spend many hours in bed. Besides comfort and convenience, what other benefits can an automatic bed offer? For starters, if you usually snore, adopting the optimal sleeping position for you can put an end to your problem. You need to adopt a position in which your head and chest are slightly elevated, which helps to open your airways.

Other benefits from an automatic bed that can make your life better include:

  • It reduces pressure on your legs and upper body;
  • It alleviates chronic back pain;
  • It improves blood circulation;
  • It combats apnea and asthma.

Let’s discuss these benefits in more detail.

The Solution to Sleeping Apnea

One of the most common problems while people sleep is difficulty breathing. This problem is the result of the airways being partially obstructed. If you experience such a problem, you probably have noticed that by simply shifting your position the airways get open. You need to sleep upright to facilitate the airflow into your lungs. When you breathe properly while sleeping, you rest much better. What’s more, snoring usually disappears in this way.

How can you sleep more upright? Piling pillows works sometimes. But it is inconvenient and an improvised solution. Instead, you can use an automatic bed to fix the position that allows you to breathe properly every night. With just the push of a button!

Better Digestion

Sleeping in a slightly upright position can have a beneficial impact on your digestion also. In such a position, your stomach doesn’t retain gas. You can sleep much more comfortably when your digestion goes as it should.

Improved Blood Circulation

For people that suffer from blood circulation problems, an automatic bed can help to improve their conditions. By finding the optimal sleeping position, pressure can be reduced on compromised parts of the circulatory system. For instance, you can relieve pressure from your legs to allow better circulation during nighttime.

The Solution to Leg Swelling

Pregnant women and people that suffer from kidney disease often experience swollen legs and ankles. This problem is usually the result of fluids pooling overnight. Leg swelling is painful and, in extreme cases, can lead to more complications. Besides, pain can prevent patients from getting proper sleep. An automatic bed can help alleviate this problem by raising the legs of the patient as needed.

Partial Relief to Insomnia

For people that have a problem falling asleep, an automatic bed can be of great help. Although the causes of insomnia can be diverse, an uncomfortable bed can worsen the problem. An automatic bed can help insomniacs reduce their struggle to sleep in combination with the proper medical and psychological treatment.

Ease of Getting Out of Bed

For most people, getting out of bed is a routine task without complications. However, people with limited mobility can find this task challenging. An automatic bed can help such a person to adjust their position to ease the getting out of bed the next morning. Also, the bed can lift the torso, shoulders, legs, and other parts of the body as needed.


In light of the many benefits that an automatic bed can bring to your life, you should seriously consider investing in one of them. If you suffer from a health problem of those mentioned above, an automatic bed can improve your quality of life dramatically.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.