Shaker cabinets are among the top trending cabinetry designs this year. According to interior design specialists, the simple but classy features of these drawers make them an attraction to many homeowners. 

If you are looking forward to renovating your cooking house but you are unsure of where to start, you need to consider installing black shaker kitchen cabinets. Besides their fascinating bold outlook, black-painted shaker drawers come in varieties and are ideal for all kinds of interiors. 

In this review article, we will explore everything about shaker cabinets. Read on to learn how you can leverage shaker-styled drawers with black paint to uplift the interior outlook of your scullery. 

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Shaker cabinets draw their name from an ancient European religious group that was nicknamed ‘the shakers’. The group got the name because its members shook with emotions when praying and worshipping. Members of this group made different types of furniture, all of which looked simple but artistic in terms of design aspects. 

The furniture became popular until people started referring to them as shakers, the nickname assigned to the people who created them. While the original designs of shaker drawers date centuries back, interior designers have reformed their looks and made them an attraction to many homeowners. 

Why Choose Shaker Cabinets?

While shaker cabinets exist in countless varieties, black shaker kitchen cabinets are the most common. From classic to modern and contemporary cookhouses, these drawers are everywhere. 

Below are the reasons for their unmatched popularity

  • Bold Appearance 

Because of their black hue, black shaker cabinets have a bold appearance that amplifies the clean shaker outlook marked by horizontal and vertical edges. These drawers can make your kitchen look distinctive regardless of the design aspects, kitchen hardware, or color you incorporate. 

  • Functionality

Black shaker kitchen cabinets are generally advantageous in terms of enhancing functionality in a kitchen. They are the easiest to take care of because their black hue can easily hide dirt marks and spillages. Because the color black absorbs heat, shaker drawers with black paint can make your kitchen hall feel warm and vibrant. However, if you let their dark color dominate, your kitchen can turn out to be dingy and hotter than you can imagine. 

  • Varieties of Options

Besides their stately appearance and functionality, black-painted shaker cabinets are versatile, thanks to their unending varieties, from traditional to contemporary designs. Because of the neutral properties of their shade, black-painted shaker cupboards can be mixed with several colors, a fact that makes them the best in the context of allowing homeowners to try out multiple design options. 

  • Simplicity 

While there are many reasons why people love shaker cabinets, it is their simple features that make them an attraction in interior design. They feature clean lines, square edges, and flat panels, all of which make them simple yet sophisticated. The simplicity of Black shaker kitchen cabinets is expressed by their dark black hue which aligns them with all types of kitchens. 

How to Make a Kitchen Look Modern with Black Shaker Cabinets

With black shaker drawers installed in your scullery, you can easily achieve your dream interior design. Here’s what you should do. 

  • Mix Colors 

As already noted, black cabinets can be blended with many colors, thanks to the neutral properties of their dark shade. Whether you want to mix colors on the cabinetry or incorporate contrasting colors on the walls, floors, and ceiling, you can easily play with colors in a kitchen with black-painted shaker drawers. Because black is a heavy tone, you need to pair it with a light tone, for example, white to enhance contrast. 

  • Install Accessories

If you want your black shaker kitchen cabinets to add a modern luxurious appeal to your scullery, then you need to accessorize them. Metallic accessories like stainless steel, gold, or brass pull and handles can enhance the outlook of not just your cabinetries but your scullery as well. When installing accessories, you should consider the interior design outlook you want in your scullery. 

  • Install Black Modern Shaker Cabinets

Modern shaker cabinets feature a blend of the simple features of the original shaker furniture and the luxurious aspects of contemporary times. Hence, they not only come with clean lines and squared edges but also amazing decorative accessories and finishing options. These drawers are not only versatile but also functional in terms of their different design qualities. 

  • Go Natural

Instead of going for drawers with laminate finishing, you can consider shaker cabinets with wood finishing. Because of the durability of hardwood, cabinetries made of natural woods like maple and oak are very popular in modern homes. With wood-based finishing, your cabinets will not only be attractive but also very functional. 

Trending Black Shaker Cabinet Ideas

Transitional Shaker Cabinets

Because modern cabinetry designs feature a blend of the past and present, transitional designs are increasingly becoming popular. Transitional shaker cabinets feature a blend of natural and artificial designs.  

These drawers are adored because they enhance flexibility in the interior design process. With them, you can easily shift between designs, from vintage to modern, only by making small changes in the design aspects. 

Open-Shelved Shaker Cabinets

Because of the functionality of cabinets with open shelves, shaker drawers with open shelves have become very common in many households. With them inside your scullery, you will get plenty of space to display your precious kitchenware as well as enhance the visual outlook of the entire cooking space. 

Shaker Cabinets with Artificial Finishing

While natural finishes are good at making cabinets durable and functional, artificial finishes can provide an exquisite appearance that you can never achieve with any natural finish. Depending on your preferred kitchen design option, you can go for black shaker kitchen cabinets with polyurethane or thermofoil finishing. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an interior design specialist or homeowner, you can easily modernize the interior outlook of any type of kitchen with black shaker kitchen cabinets if you know how to mix colors. Because of their simple features, these drawers can align with any kitchen design. Shaker-styled drawers come in multiple varieties and they are affordable compared to other types of cabinets.