If you’re a homeowner, or you have permission from your landlord to make décor changes, you might be wondering how to spice up your current home interior. It can be tough living in the same space day in and day out without getting bored, so sometimes you just need that extra inspiration to get creative. However, it can be difficult to work out exactly how you want to redesign your home, especially if you’re on a budget or aren’t great at DIY. In this article, we’ll take some of the stress off and help you plan the perfect interior design change. 

Plan In Advance 

The first thing you should make sure you do before starting any decorating is to make sure that you’ve planned your redesign well in advance. This includes getting a firm understanding of what your budget is and what changes you want to make. There are plenty of planning templates available online, but it’s recommended that you get a laptop for drawing that you can use to sketch your changes or download software that you can use to create a rendered image. This means you can be certain that any changes are right for you before you go and spend any money or paint any walls. 

Make Your Interior Timeless 

Next, you’ll want to be sure that your new interior will stand the test of time. It’s easy to fall into the trap of watching videos of beautiful homes on Instagram or curating a gorgeous-looking Pinterest board that inspires you for your new home, but sometimes these designs are fad-based, and in a year or two you might seriously regret that neon fireplace! Take inspiration from some interior design blogs, research how to create a cozy hygge refuge, or a look that is truly timeless or , to make sure you don’t end up with any regrets after this process.

Keep It Sustainable 

Lastly, a great tip is to make sure that your new design is sustainable for you. If your new décor relies on specific cleaning techniques or the regular replacing of certain materials, you might find that your fresh new home is more of a curse than a blessing. While that shag rug might look great on the Wayfair website, it might bring stress to your home if you have dogs or children that make it hard to keep things clean. By prioritising a design that is sustainable for your lifestyle, you can avoid these added stressors and make your newly fashioned home a relaxing place to put your feet up. 

If you’re still stuck for inspiration about how to redesign your home interior, there are plenty of materials online, that many bloggers upload for free, which can help you to make the most out of the space you have available. By planning in advance, and taking the opportunities offered by rendering systems or laptops designed for drawing, you can be certain that you are confident in your changes. As long as you design in a way that is timeless and sustainable for your lifestyle, then your dream interior redesign is right around the corner!