As a house experiences wear and tear over time, it’s common to witness and experience leaks. These leaks will manifest in walls, toilets, showers, pipes, and roofs. There are various causes for them, but you don’t have to worry because, mostly, these leaks are easy to repair and prevent. 

Neglecting to care for these leaks will result in mold growth and may even lead to severe home damage. It’s paramount to act fast in repairing home leaks. If you experience leaks at home, contact an Auckland building specialist who can keep your home leak-free and beautifully renovated. Doing so ensures you retain the value of your property and protects your family’s health and safety. 

But if you’re experiencing a leaky home and want to take the DIY route, here are some home remedy tips to follow:

Find And Locate The Leaks

Before repairing home leaks, you must look out for telltale signs first. One common sign is stains. When you’re tracking down a leak, look uphill from the stains on the roof. Any roof penetration should be the first thing you look for since most leaks usually come from the roof.  

Such roof penetrations include other interceptions like the piping line, vents, gutters, chimneys, and flashing. So, you should inspect these parts thoroughly for leak signs and stains. If you don’t see leaks directly on them, chances are the leaks are in nearby areas. 

Another place in your home to detect leaks easily is your attic. If you have access to it, it’s best to go up there using a flashlight. The area will be stained by water, blackened, or moldy if it has leaks. One great tip is to hire leak inspectors instead of doing the leak inspection yourself.

Fix Small Holes

Upon inspection, you can spot tiny holes you often ignore or overlook. However, these small holes can cause home leaks. Small holes in shingles can cause rot, leaky roofs, and other damage for years before they are noticed. 

Holes can be found on any surface. Wrong nail placements and mounts might have caused them. Therefore, it’s best to find these holes and patch them adequately to mitigate this issue. Injecting caulk into a small hole isn’t the best solution. Instead, patch it through flashing.

Repair Leaks From The Outside

After inspection, you might discover a lot of home leaks are generated outside your home. It’s time to repair them and get rid of these external leaks once and for all. Here are the common types of leaks found outside of your home: 


Snowy winters and stormy summers result in leaks on the roof due to poor flashing. Soffits that meet roofs are among the hardest areas to waterproof. If you live in a four-season region or country, you need to give more importance to leak-proofing your roof. When an ice dam happens, the snow could melt into water and sip through any cracks on your roof. 

The water eventually pools behind the dam, then slowly makes its way back up onto the roof through an opening in the shingles. To get rid of this roof leak, applying sturdy flashing on roof edges and joints is the best option. Hiring experts is best in this case, as they’re usually well-versed in dealing with roof leaks. They’ll also be able to advise whether replacing the roof is deemed necessary.

Gutters And Downspouts

It is best to clean and clear downspouts and gutters once or twice a year. During this routine task, it’s time to spot leaks and ensure that the gutter guards do their job of filtering debris into the water passage. Check if there are leaks in gutters and downspouts. You can do this by hosing it down with water and seeing whether the water flows in the clear passage. 

Sprinkler System

If you have a garden or a yard, you probably have a sprinkler system. Having leaks on them could lead to water wastage and rising utility bills. Not to mention, it will soften the soil and overfeed your grass and other garden elements, which is not helpful for them. You can replace your sprinkler system by replacing a section of pipe. The repair should be handled by a sprinkler company rather than a plumber, especially if they haven’t had a similar case before.

Repair Leaks On The Inside

Now that your home’s exterior is leak-free, it’s time to go through the internal leaks in your home. Here are some leaks to mitigate:

Plumbing Leaks

One of the signs of plumbing leak issues is when you find water dripping off your walls. Water leaks found inside walls may require more than simple plumbing repairs, so it may be time to hire a professional. Some plumbing issues might be more severe, so it’s best to let the pros handle them.

Toilet Leaks

Probably the most unsanitary leak in the house is a leaking toilet. You should solve this issue as soon as possible. Oftentimes, such leaks will involve foul smells, which are not healthy for your family and property. The rubber seal or the tee bolts that hold your toilet in place may leak at the base or bottom of the toilet when you flush it. Another leak source can be found at the bottom of your toilet. When this happens, it’s best to stop using it immediately. Calling out your local plumber is often safer and more cost-effective than trying to fix the issue yourself.

Shower Or Bath Leaks

Shower enclosures or baths can leak in several ways, and you should check them. Ensure to include this during your leak inspection routine. To begin with, you should inspect the seal around the plughole and overflow waste. Overflows or leaks can result from broken seals. When this is the case, it’s best to replace the seal immediately. 

You should also check the water supply line connecting the bath taps or shower hose to the water supply. You may need to remove the side panel of the bath to detect this leak. A wall may hide potentially leaky pipes in the shower. It’s best to hire the pros to check the tiles for leaks because they can track and know where the connections to the pipes come from. 


A leaky home will severely damage your property and lead to expensive monthly utility bills. Your family’s safety will be compromised when mold growth and foul smells happen. It’s best to act fast and call a building specialist to help you resolve your house issues immediately.