Being involved in an accident is devastating. As if that is not enough, the doctor may recommend that you stay home for a few months so that you can recover fully. This comes as another shocking news that you can’t stand, especially if you love your job. But you have to do it anyway for the sake of your health.

A few months down the line, and now you are ready to go back to work. You may be feeling rusty as if you have been out for ten years. This is very common. So, quit worrying and focus on creating a strategy that will help you get back to work and focus on the job.

Talk to Your Doctor and Ask for an Approval

So you slipped and fell at home depot, broke one or two bones, and now you feel like you can run a thousand kilometers without looking back or tripping again. That is great. But guess what? Your doctor has to agree that you are ready to start working again.
Talk to Your Doctor and Ask for an Approval
You may be feeling energized, but your body may be telling the doctor otherwise. Still, you may be in a good position, but then the physician recommends that you take a few more days off to avoid a relapse. This happens when your muscles are in recovery mode, but they are not yet fully recovered. If you love yourself, you should listen to the doctor. Heed to the advice that the expert gives, and you will be making way for better days in the future.

Ask Your Closest Acquaintance to Help You Settle Back

Do not try to do everything by yourself. First, you should talk to the manager. Ask the leader how he plans to fit you back into the company. Get a clear definition of your new roles if they have changed since you left. Let the manager make the expectations of the company clear to you.

With this in mind, it is your chance to explain how you feel. You need documents from the hospital to back your claims if you are going to argue that there are roles you cannot play in your current condition. Do not leave the manager’s office having not explained your situation and everything that you need to feel welcomed back.

The process does not end at the manager’s office. You must be having someone close to you in the office. Talk to that individual and explain everything about your injury and how you feel about resuming work. If you will need help, let your workmate know how to help you to settle back.

Remember, things may have changed in the office. Therefore, do not jump into asking others for help when you are not sure whether they will agree. You may end up devastated and feeling more stressed about coming back to work.

Take One Step at a Time with Your Duties

Take One Step at a Time with Your Duties
In your first days back at work, do not try to rush things. Perform your duties normally. If you find something to be difficult, let the manager know. Otherwise, the leader may think that you are underperforming and this may not be the case. Once you are fully recovered, set higher goals for yourself and work towards achieving these objectives.