The kitchen sink is a place that many people use to dispose of food waste and other substances, yet this can often lead to a dreaded blockage, which can be very difficult to shift. In this article, we will look at some of the methods used to unblock a kitchen sink. You can visit to get more help with your kitchen.

  • Boiling Water & Baking Soda – If you boil some water and add some baking soda, emptying this down the sink might just do the trick. Once this is done, run the hot water tap for a few minutes, to help flush out the obstruction. Although, this doesn’t always work depending on the obstruction.
  • Call in the Professionals – If you happen to live in the UK, there are specialist firms that clear blocked drains in Portsmouth homes and they can easily be found with a Google search. Enlisting the help of a professional drain cleaner ensures the problem will be dealt with quickly and their services are very affordable.

Call in the Professionals

  • Use a Drain Plunger –These can be bought at any hardware store, and if used correctly, they create a suction that will often free the blockage. Place the plunger directly over the sink plug hole and depress it several times, which should create enough suction to unblock the sink. You can follow this up with pouring hot water down the sink, which helps to removes the blockage residue, and if that doesn’t work, repeat the entire process. There is also a good article that has a few methods to unblock a kitchen sink, which might prove useful.
  • Attack the Problem from Another Angle – Rather than focusing on working from the sink top, you could open the cupboard and remove the S bend and see if that releases the blockage. If you do decide to do that, make sure you have a bucket to catch the dirty water that will pour out, plus you should remove all the objects from the cupboard prior to starting. The blockage might not be in that area, so you could be wasting your time, and calling out a drain cleaning specialist is by far the best solution, as they have both the equipment and the know-how to unblock any drain.
  • Avoid Poking Wire Down the Sink Hole – This can lead to an even worse situation, so resist the temptation to unblock the drain using this method. Run the hot tap without the plug inserted to see of the blockage is total or partial, and if the water slowly drains away with a gurgling sound, then you have a partial blockage and that will soon become a complete blockage if not dealt with promptly.

Avoid Poking Wire Down the Sink Hole
While any of the above might work, the best solution is to call out a drain cleaning specialist, who would make short work of any blockage. Plus, he would power flush the entire system, to ensure there are no repeats. A blocked drain can be very difficult to fix and by enlisting the help on an expert, you can be sure of a quick solution, and they will also give you a detailed report on the condition of your drains.