Do you have a problem with how to use a manual pole saw? Here is a solution to your problem. The machine is useful in the cutting of top branches of any tree. However, due to its unique shape of the pole, it may be hectic to handle it, especially when you lack basic ideas of operating on the machine.

As we are going to see, it is easy to use the manual pole saw if you follow the steps we are going to discuss. Therefore, for the effective operation of the manual pole saw, let us have a glance look at the steps involved when using your manual pole saw as illustrated below.

What is a manual pole saw?

A manual pole saw is a device with a saw attached to its ends of a long pole used for trimming trees. The machine enables you to prune or trim the limbs of the tree without necessarily using the ladder.

Step-by-step guide on how to use a manual pole saw

Clear out the working surface

This is the first step you before you start working with your manual pole saw. First, make sure that you clear the entire area underneath the branch by ensuring that remains, which may be damaged by any falling branches. Besides, make sure again nobody is underneath except you alone until you finish cutting all the limbs from the trees.

Additionally, it is good to clear the place where the branches are going to fall after cutting. This helps in cleaning anything that may take place afterward, which may or not require cutting down branches. Besides, remember to remove any fallen logs and the exposed roots on the ground since you want to clear everything on your way.

Choose the branch you intend to cut

Once you have cleared your working surrounding, you can comfortably identify the branch that you intend to cut using a manual pole saw since some branches require preliminary cuts for them to be light. However, all the branches do not require any cutting.

Make sure to cut the branches at the right spot if it is for pruning. Mostly, many people like pruning a few inches from the main trunk of the tree they are pruning. When you are using a pole saw, it is advisable to cut on the horizontal surface.

Identify the areas of the branches you need to cut and use a manual pole saw with blades that go sideways of the branches. However, when cutting using jump cuts, it is crucial enough to on the underneath of the branches. Expect to have a boner since you are working against the forces of gravity.

Position yourself with the manual pole saw

Here, it would be best if you held the manual pole saw using your two hands as you pull it upright. Make sure you remain strong enough to control the saw’s weight correctly. Next, you can reset the device on the blades depending on the branch which you intend to cut.

Make sure you are in a safe position so that the branches may not fall to your side.

Once you finish positioning the saw, identify the safest position to yourself. To achieve this, ensure that you are not standing directly on the saw line. But how can you position yourself well? It is straightforward, by placing the saw on one end, move at a safe distance so that you can hold the other end of the saw from a given angle.

Reduce the weight at the end of the branch

At this point, you can begin by cutting the small and thin branches of your tree. For better cutting, it is good to make use of a rope since you need the branch to split as you continue with the cutting.

In case the branch of your tree contains many other small branches on its end, you have to be careful since you run the risk of the split when you are almost to finish. If at all you realize any of this risk, make sure that you trim them off some parts of the branch at its end until the remaining parts appear light and beautiful.

Make a groove

Creating a groove is one of the best ways that facilitate clean cut. When you position yourself well, begin by running the blades of the saw slowly and gently forward and backward until you make a groove.

Usually, making a groove in any branch is very useful since it acts as a guide, which prevents the saw from getting out of the main target while sawing downward. When you use a free hand, you may end up slipping the blade of the saw off, which may create a large angle of cut.

Begin cutting with the manual pole saw from the top

Once you have created a groove, you can begin to saw from the top-down by the use of a long and measured saw. The manual pole saw should be near your chest height while ensuring that you have a firm and controlled grip.

Immediately you finish with the groove, position the pole saw to the branch as you increase the rate of strokes. You will notice that the slot stick in the saw making you cut the branch quickly. Additionally, begin slowly as you increase the speed gradually. Maintain an eye on the position where the branch will fall and keep a safe location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the manual pole saw used for?

Manual pole saw are very useful, especially when you want to cut a branch that is high on your tree. It does not require a ladder to do so.

  • How thick of a branch can a manual pole saw cut?

Branches that are thicker than 9-inches are tough to cut. Therefore, professional and proper roping is the best in this case.

  • Is it possible to sharpen a pole saw?

Of course, yes. Using a sharpening rod or a file, you can sharpen the blades of the pole saw quickly.


In general, you should know how to use a manual pole saw effectively and conveniently without straining. Any mistake that you make may cause some damages or injuries. You can agree that manual pole saw is incredibly versatile, handy, and easy to use. Therefore, practice well and make your yard as clean as possible.