Our homes are our safe space, and it is where we feel the most comfortable and where we need not be on our defenses, it is where we can who we really are. At the same time, we want our homes to be not just comfortable but beautiful and pleasing to our own eyes.

More often than not, the way our homes look are a reflection of our own personal sense of style, although there are a few exceptions dictated maybe by social status or celebrity status. But for most people, if you love being at home, you generally have a comfortable, homey and colorful rooms while those who like to entertain at home would probably have all the amenities needed for entertaining. The thing is, who we are as an individual will be reflected in our homes. If you are looking for a new addition to your homes that would give your home an added boost and elegance, then you would not have to look further, all you need are temple jars.

Temple Jars are Beauty with Function

Temple Jars are Beauty with Function
Temple jars originated in China in the Qin Dynasty, they were used to hold spices and other commodities like oil, salt, sugar, preserved meat and vegetables and pickled fruit and even some flavored oil. The jars had a special shape, rounded in the middle and then narrower in the neck. It also has matching covers used to keep out the elements from what was inside. The temple jars became popular due to its functionality and was even used to export spices in the old days. It has gained such popularity that it has now become a special collector’s item and even in the early parts of history was used as a social status symbol. The more jars you had, the more wealthy you were and probably the more money you had to buy all the spices and the jars that it came with. Just like any other functional object in history, it came a time when the jars became more popular for its aesthetic value, rather than being used to transport spices. The jars also came in different colors, shapes and designs and were ornately designed and decorated and is now used to become accent pieces in any home or room. Indeed, temple jars are a thing of beauty and although it is less functional, it is now more useful as an interior piece.

Where to Get Temple Jars

Temple jars are not your usual run of the mill vases that are sold in every store, it is a special item and can only be found in stores that sell exquisite vases. One can get temple jars from these online shops, but you would want to buy from a shop that has a huge number of stocks of the temple jars with varied sizes and colors, prints and design and the more valuable ones are made from porcelain and ceramics. You can also experiment with any number of pieces and you just need to choose which one from the shops stocks you want and one that appeals to your personality. Ordering is very easy, after you have chosen the one that you want, you just proceed with the order button and the purchase will then be charged to your account and the shop will then deliver your ordered items to your doorstep.

Decorating with Temple Jars

Decorating with Temple Jars
Temple jars are great conversation pieces, it lends character and charm to any room, it is a great addition to your home but there are a few things you need to remember if you will be decorating with temple jars.

  • Temple jars can stand on its own or in a group, whatever it is you decide on, you need to consider the height and size of the temple jars. Smaller temple jars can be used in a table or mantel in a straight line, while a single large temple jar can be used as the focal point in the room either on the floor or in a short stool.
  • Temple jars come in various colors and designs, a solid color may provide that impact that you might be looking for in the entry way or in the living room. You can also use the more prized blue ones that was popular among the Chinese emperors and put a couple of them in a group or in a shelves in a room.
  • You can also mix and match a number of temple jars in a group arrangement, or by themselves in different areas of the house and the larger the jars the more it could have an effect on the Feng Shui of the room.
  • Temple jars can also be filled with a number of ornaments, but not the spices and commodities of the past. You can put in flowers, bamboo leaves, ornaments and all other natural plants and fruits. However, you need to change the ornaments if you want to keep it fresh. Another option is to put in the artificial plants and flowers but it will have a negative effect on the Feng Shui if the ornaments used are not live ones.

More Than Just Temple Jars

More Than Just Temple Jars
Temple jars even though they are mostly used as interior decorating pieces and conversation pieces, temple jars are more than just an aesthetic one. Temple jars originally became popular because of its functionality, and although it is no longer used as it was before, you can use it in the same way but not with spices or salt. You can use it to keep your secret stash of potpourris or incense and other materials you like to keep hidden. It offers also a storage space, although you need to keep track of what you have placed in what jar.

Temple jars can also be a great gift idea for people close to you whom you would know would appreciate having a temple jar. Moreover, everyone is bound to like a temple jar, it could start their own collection and be on the way to decorating their homes with temple jars too.