Structuring a house from the beginning is considered to be a tricky process. Even refurbishment of old homes and structures is also a hectic job. Hence you are seeking for online an online service to help people in this process. Then explore and install the following Interior Design Apps.

In reality, people struggle a lot to manage their daily expenses and put those savings into an account. Later when the people are sure about enough savings, they decide to withdraw money for building their dream home.

In some cases, people may experience difficulty making direct decisions for their dream home interior. After completing the project, people may regret doing the unplanned designs due to irregular combinations. So you are seeking help in such a situation then read the review carefully.

What is Interior Design Apps

Interior Design Apps are counted among the most searched keyword online. Most people are seeking an online platform. To get assistance regarding the particular interior designs. We recommend the android users read the particular article briefly.

Because here we gonna mention some of the main applications. Which are commonly used for doing different interior operations. That includes Décor, Calculating, Building Mood Boards, and more. For these different operations, different tools are used.

Yet, when it comes to offering a full 3D interior design with well-calculated measuring’s. Then such individual tools become useless. Even many android users already regret using such third-party sponsored android tools.

But here we are back with this great collection of android applications. Which not only assists in doing interior designs but also helps out the users in providing a 3D virtual design. That helps the people in eye sighting room designs in advance.

Most of the online reachable apps that are reachable and offer similar operations are premium. And requires a premium subscription with an annual pro license. Though purchasing those licenses may cost up to hundreds.

That is expensive and unaffordable for average mobile users. Therefore considering free and easy accessibility to free online platforms. We brought this detailed article on Interior Design Apps. Which are free and easy to use.


The application we are supporting and offering here for android users is explicit in terms of building and designing. Apart from providing different interior designs, the platform also assists in providing a 3D display. Where the users can enjoy a 3D display like a human eye.

Though to make the platform more realistic and professional. Different editing tools including a rich library are added for users. Now using professional editing tools, the users can enjoy building their dreamed project.

Moreover, it also provides a video graphic option to display their dreamed designs in 3D Display. Hence you love the application and are ready to take advantage of features. Then download and install the latest version of the HomeStyler application.

RoomPlanner By Ikea

Though plenty of different android tools related to home designing is reachable. But most of those online reachable platforms are premium or restrictive. This means accessing those platforms requires a subscription plus need expert skills.

If you are not good at doing internal coding’s then you may unable to operate those efficiently. Hence considering the easy and simple drag and drop usage. The developers like IKEA structured this new and incredible application called RoommPlanner.

Millions of people have already taken advantage of the tool. Integrating the application will assist in structuring your dream home project like professionals. Just embed the necessary numbers such as sizes, angles and enjoy showcasing a perfect 3D virtual model.


From its name, people can guess how efficient and incredible this professional tool is. Have you ever thought of using an online android platform that never requires professional skills? All it requires is a virtual picture with live credentials.

Then we recommend the android users install MagicPlan. Basically, the application is an online plus offline platform that helps out in calculating interior measuring. Moreover, it also assists in offering a state-of-the-art 3D design.

That helps out the android users in sensing an imaginary virtual display. After calculating the measuring’s the application will automatically suggest the user’s doors, windows, and other items with multiple layouts. Remember some of the tools are in experimental stages.

Planner 5D

If you are searching for a full-packed tool that is rich in key features related to architecture. Then we recommend those android users install Planner 5D. This architecture tool helps out smartphone users in structuring a 3D interior design.

With different angle displays and a rich library for different designs. When we explore the application briefly, then we found different professional tools. That assists in calculating room size, angles, and volume.

Remember, you are experiencing trouble selecting designs and combinations. Then we suggest you use the pro feature reachable inside the application. Just select the space and the application will automatically reflect different designs and layouts.


So you are in trouble and got no experience in terms of designing and refurbishing homes. Then visit LusoGamer and enjoy a great collection of Interior Design Apps. That assists in building your dream home with perfect interior designs.