Our home is our safe space and the interior design is key to its coziness and aesthetic appeal. Some design choices, like soft shapes, natural materials or deep blue accents can contribute to the overall comfort of your home and also positively affect your mood. But have you thought about designs that produce the opposite effect? The wrong choice of colors, furniture and other mistakes not only can make your living space look unpleasant, but also affect the mental health of the inhabitants. So what interior design ideas should you avoid? Let’s find out. 

Choosing Wrong Colors

Some colors are considered undesirable for incorporating in your home design, because they can negatively impact the mental health of the inhabitants. For example, designers warn homeowners about colors like bright yellow or mustard. Studies have shown that these colors can make people feel overwhelmed and invoke aggression. Popular colors like black or gray also have disadvantages─they can make the room too moody and narrow the space if used without the right accents. 

Overall, choosing the right color palette for your interior can be quite a challenge. Home design apps like Live Home 3D help you try out colors in advance and experiment to see which shades match each other, or go well with the furniture and other decor you have chosen. 

Picking Furniture With Sharp Edges

On a subconscious level, sharp edges are associated with danger. Having a lot of furniture with sharp edges in your home design can lead to stress and anxiety in the future. Consider furniture with round, softer edges. Not only is it more pleasant to look at, but also it is ideal if you have children in your home.

Bad Artificial Lighting

The right lighting visually expands the room and makes it more comfortable. However, artificial lighting for your home should be chosen wisely. Excessive artificial lighting, or lighting of unorthodox colors may have a negative impact on both interior and the well-being of the inhabitants, leading to eye pain or a headache. 

Wrong Furniture Arrangement

Even if you don’t have a lot of square footage, choosing small furniture may not be the perfect solution. Such a choice can result in cluttering the space, which, in turn, will make you feel frustrated. It is better to arrange the furniture so that there is enough distance between the pieces. Also, avoid placing furniture flush with the walls, as it visually makes the room seem smaller.

Using Cheap Materials and Fabrics

Everybody wants to be able to create a beautiful and cozy home on a budget. But we recommend not to cut corners on the materials and fabrics. Choose natural and quality materials rather than synthetic, unpleasant textures. Yes, you will save some money by getting cheaper fabrics, but eventually quality materials will last you longer and help create a more comfortable living space.

Cluttering the Space

Cluttered space is obviously extremely unpleasant to the eye, but did you know that it is also proven to worsen your mental health? Homeowners have to make sure they properly utilize the space and have enough storage options for all their belongings. Don’t overdo the decor and avoid housing plenty of unnecessary, dust collecting things in our home and you will notice how much more comfortable it is to live in your apartment or house.

Neglecting the Importance of Nature

Spending time outdoors, in nature, is extremely important to your mental health. If you are constantly staying indoors and don’t go to parks and similar places regularly, think about how you can bring nature into your home. Natural plants are a good option, but there are plenty of other simple solutions, like hanging an artwork with a beautiful landscape in a living room, adding pictures of a forest, national park or the lake that you’ve visited as part of your bedroom decor, etc.  

To Sum Up

When designing your living space, don’t focus exclusively on things like the visual appeal, expensiveness or trendiness of the design. Keep in mind that some interior solutions may look great on paper, but turn out to be a disaster in practice, while additionally having a negative impact on your mental state. Choose colors and lighting wisely, give preference to the furniture with round edges and natural, quality materials. Don’t forget that the wrong furniture layout and the lack of storage solutions can ruin the coziness of your home. 

Apps like Live Home 3D help you save time and money by trying out different designs in advance. You can play around with furniture placement, color palettes and lighting conditions and make sure that potentially harmful design choices won’t make it into the final result.