If you’re looking to refresh your home, you can’t go wrong with some new wallpaper to strengthen the look of your walls. However, people are questioning whether wallpaper is still in style in 2022. 

In short, the answer is yes! – wallpaper certainly is still in style – and we’re going to give you some handy tips and tricks for how to pull it off in your home.

Tropical style wallpapers 

Tropical and jungle style wallpapers are very 2022. These types of wallpaper bring a freshness to the inside of your home and make you feel a little more connected to nature, especially if you don’t have indoor plants already. The green styles are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms especially, but can be implemented anywhere, and are suitable for adults and children alike.

Animal wallpapers 

Similarly, to the tropical styles, animal wallpapers add more of a spirited component to your home, plus if you’re already making use of green styles as mentioned above, tropical animals like birds will be the perfect compliment. Don’t feel limited to only one variety though. Any type of animal wallpaper will bring something unique to your walls. 

For an extra bit of intrigue and wit, position wallpapers in special patterns around Scandinavian wall shelf brackets, using such architectural features to almost frame the design, or even make it look as though animals are perched upon the shelves, for example. 

Experiment with wallpaper inserts

Instead of plastering all of the walls with wallpaper, you could try and get creative with wallpaper inserts. Whether you want to attempt wallpaper on the ceiling or you’re happier just creating borders and patterns, know that wallpaper inserts are becoming exceedingly popular and are a fantastic way to break up an otherwise dull room. 

Often, particularly aesthetic pieces of wallpaper are framed on an otherwise plain or block coloured wall to make them stand out, almost as though a piece of artwork. 

Accent walls 

Possibly as a result of the recent pandemic and the increased time people have been spending at home, people have really been experimenting with designs around the home. One thing in particular that has been featured a lot in 2022 house magazines is accent walls. Pairing three plain walls with one funky patterned one is a great way to have fun and be a little more playful when decorating the house. 

This style doesn’t require much thought. Because the other three walls are block colours, usually plain, you can really choose any pattern or colour you like the look of and get to work! 

Match furniture and wallpaper 

You might have noticed that minimalism is a continued trend in 2022, and this trend is one that works well with wallpaper. By finding wallpaper that is a close match or at least compliments your existing furniture, this is a certain way to increase the comfort and aesthetics of your home. 

In some cases you can even take the wallpaper itself and apply it to shelves, cupboards or coffee tables to give the illusion of perfectly matched furniture. On the other hand, minimalist furniture can also compliment louder wallpaper designs, as it allows the wallpaper to shine without overwhelming the room. 

And there you have it – everything you need to know about pulling wallpaper off in your home, with the opportunity to also add a bit of a personal touch.