In Jewish tradition, Seder is a ritual feast to celebrate freedom. The important customs of this day are eating symbolic foods, listening to the traditional stories from elder people of the house, and drinking four cups of wine. Every custom of this day has a certain significant value as elder people share the stories of the Exodus with a younger member of the house and everyone in the family eats symbolic foods including matza. In order to serve the symbolic foods to all the family members, Jewish people use a special plate, called Pesach Seder Plate.

Pesach Seder Plate has historical significance for serving symbolic foods. On the other hand, the ritual of sharing the story of Exodus is very inspiring as this story is about Israelites’ liberty from slavery in ancient Egypt. Therefore, Jewish people gather together on this day in order to enjoy and celebrate their culture.

Pesach Seder Plate to Serve Symbolic Foods:

For the ritual meal, Pesach Seder Plate includes three matzos and six other symbolic foods. The six symbolic and traditional foods are-

  • Karpas: After the Kiddush prayer, Jewish people first eat Karpas. Karpas is a vegetable that is kept in the saltwater before serving to the people. This vegetable symbolically refers to hope.
  • Charoset: Charoset is the combination of red wine, nuts, and apples and it tastes sweet. The symbolic representation of this food is the bricks of the Egyptian pyramids.
  • Chazeret and Maror: These herbs taste bitter and make Jewish people feel the bitterness of enslavement. 
  • Zeoroah: In order to symbolize the sacrifice of a lamb, there is a ritual to eat Zeoroah or a lamb’s roasted bone.
  • Beitzah: Beitzah is a roasted egg, and it takes place on the Pesach plate to represent the festival sacrifice. 
  • Three Matzot: Apart from the six symbolic foods, the Pesach Seder Plate also includes three pieces of flat-shaped bread or matzot. The significance of this food is for the blessing over bread. 

The Design of the Plate:

The main characteristic of the Pesach Seder Plate is that it has six separated sections for six symbolic foods. Apart from this, manufacturers also focus on the designs of the plates considering the traditional value and the purpose of use of the plates. As these plates are an important part of every Jewish family, therefore, the design of the plates reflects Jewish taste. Although the Pesach plates can be made of different materials, following the Jewish tradition, manufacturers mainly use silver to make the plates,

Online Purchasing of the Pesach Seder Plate:

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