Everyone knows that curb appeal is the most important “wow” factor for your home. The yard is the first thing someone sees when they drive by or come to your house, so wouldn’t you want to have a nice landscaped yard to impress them? When looking to landscaping your yard, make sure you follow these tips to maximize curb appeal.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Size

Many times, when homeowners decide to begin a landscaping project, they only consider the size of their lawn and shape of their yard. But one of the most crucial puzzle pieces is your house’s shape and size. The architecture is your best asset when creating gardens or planting shrubs and trees. Different landscapes complement different house styles. A modern home would fare better with a minimal and cleaner layout, whereas a farmhouse looks better with a country-style landscape.

Use Some Color

“Colors are always an excellent way to add some flair to any design, and that shouldn’t be overlooked for landscaping projects. Certain flowers work wonderfully against specific colors. If your home is blue, add some pinks, yellows, and purples for a nice array of calming colors. If you want bold, you should add bright orange, red, and yellow flowers,” said a spokesperson for a Minneapolis landscaping service.

Create Stunning Pathway and Entrance

Landscaping for curb appeal should create strong emotional responses to those who pass by your home. Having a beautiful passage to your front door will create an intuitive transition from the rest of your yard is ultimately about pleasingly moving to the front door.

Boosting your curb appeal doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. While big-budget landscaping projects will create your dream yard, adding smaller elements can effectively enhance your home’s exterior with any budget.