Kitchen remodeling can be a huge undertaking or slight tweak to give the space a new look. Kitchen designers and remodelers have many things to consider when dealing with ample space. From floors to walls, cabinets, counters, and appliances, kitchen remodels ideas cover all areas and aspects.

Here are seven ideas to instantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of a large kitchen:

1. Backsplash Walls and Tiles

The backsplash is one of the trendiest remodeling ideas for large kitchens and also works for smaller spaces. It updates the cooking and food preparation area with impressive visuals and accommodates enough room for customization. Most people choose white tile backsplash and subway tile. Others design their patterns to blend in with the desired appearance of the overall space. A backsplash instantly uplifts a kitchen and offers many colors and designs.

2. Repaint the Hardware

Painting is among the most affordable large kitchen remodeling ideas and results in a beautiful lift. A little work on the kitchen cabinets and hardware can prep them for delicate paint coatings for instant aesthetic improvement. Fresh paint will always make a difference. Neutral tones and bright white shades can produce clean, sophisticated looks. Homeowners can also choose from a wide range of painting options, colors, and patterns for custom kitchen décor.

3. Use Open Shelves

Updating kitchen cabinets is a sure way to change the appearance. Homeowners can replace old cabinets with newer designs or transform existing structures to fit new uses. Consider replacing the upper cabinets with open shelves to increase display space. Open shelves make the room appear bigger, so they often suit smaller kitchens. In larger areas, this option saves cost and gives the kitchen a sophisticated outlook befitting classic and modern setups.

4. Modern Kitchen Island

Islands offer a functional and attractive centerpiece and lend their beauty across the entire kitchen. The traditional kitchen island is perfect for preparing food. Modern units offer dish storage, dining setups, comfy seating, and more. Smaller spaces may struggle to integrate specific designs, but larger kitchens have enough space to get creative. Premium kitchen islands bear intuitive designs, quality countertops, and meticulous finishes and polishes.

5. Cozy Multipurpose Kitchen

A large kitchen with underused corners and spaces can serve homeowners in many ways other than providing a storage area. It’s trendy to transform kitchen spaces into multipurpose nooks for informal dining, working, or enjoying a cup of coffee. The room can feature a small breakfast table and chairs or a rustic tear-down couch with plump pillows. Multipurpose spaces are perfect for opening the kitchen up for guests and creating a comfy area where you can relax.

6. Invest in Countertops

Large kitchens have more countertops and surfaces that can do with an update. Countertops alone can cause drastic changes to the kitchen décor, and homeowners have limitless choices. From granite and quartz to laminate, marble, metal, and epoxy, kitchen countertop materials and options support remarkable variety for customization. Homeowners can invest in granite countertops for the centerpiece and different stones, laminates, or epoxy for other countertops.

7. Change the Flooring

Homeowners looking for complete kitchen remodeling should consider changing the flow of the space. Many choices are available, but the priority is to choose durable, low-maintenance, aesthetic flooring options. From the classic appeal of hardwoods to ceramic tiles and wood-like vinyl finishes, finding a fit shouldn’t be a problem. Kitchen floor remodeling for larger spaces calls for careful considerations to achieve the desired décor and functionality.

Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis

Homeowners can change various aspects of the kitchen to execute unique aesthetics. They can also explore total remodeling for a fresh look. There’s no limit to what one can achieve, but each change comes with unique challenges.

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling help, contact a company that provides premier design, personalized service, and unparalleled quality.