Do you have a recliner that’s seen better days? Are the springs starting to give out, and is the fabric looking a little worse for wear? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this guide, we will walk you through how to fix a recliner step by step. Whether it’s the springs that need fixing, the fabric that needs replacing, or something else entirely, we’ll show you how to do it. So don’t despair if your favorite piece of furniture is starting to fall apart – follow our guide and get it fixed in no time!

Tools You Need To Fix A Recliner

The first thing you need to do before doing any kind of repair on your recliner is gathering all the tools and materials you will need.

This list may vary depending on what type of fix or how many fixes are needed, but if you follow our guide step by step then we’re sure this list will have everything that’s required:

  • Old Newspaper
  • Rag/Disposable Cloth
  • Wood screws
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A standard screwdriver
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Spare Parts

How To Fix A Recliner Footrest

Is your recliner’s footrest not working how it should be? Fixing this is quite a simple task, and it doesn’t even involve removing the entire footrest.

The first thing you need to do here is to find the two screws that hold the chair in place (this may vary depending on how old or how damaged your chair is). Once those are removed, you will see all of its inner workings exposed. Then, simply take out one screw from each side and move them over so they’re facing inward instead of outward. Voila!

Your recliner’s footrest should now work perfectly fine again without having taken up any extra space in order for it to fit back into place properly after being fixed successfully by taking out only two screws from each side of its inner workings.

If this hasn’t worked, then there’s probably something wrong with how your recliner is built or how it was assembled initially when purchased brand new off the shelf – in which case we recommend contacting an expert to come over and take a look at what may be causing these problems because they’re beyond our scope here today as DIYers ourselves!

How To Fix Recliner Footrest Springs

The process for how to fix a recliner footrest is the same as how you would go about fixing its springs.

The first step is to overturn the recliner so you can access its underside. Check for worn-out springs or screws, then tighten those that aren’t too tight with a screwdriver and pry bar if necessary (or wood glue). For oversized holes in metal plates use skewers as well – this will help make up your own mounting solution depending on what type of material it’s being installed into! When finished replace old parts like straps/braces along with these areas before putting everything back together again at least once more after the application time has passed completely.

If this doesn’t do anything at first try loosening up all four before tightening them back down once more as the normal procedure will usually dictate anyway when dealing with any kind of mechanical problem.

How To Fix A Recliner Chair Back

The 3 kinds of recliner backs are as follows: there are backrests with locking tabs, locking levers, and those that are permanently attached to the back.

For the backs with locking levers, make sure the brackets are firmly attached. When you’ve seated yourself, have them flipped down and secured to the metal posts of the seat.

The back slides on easily, with the locking tabs snapping into place as you go. Remove the fasteners and have them properly tightened. Ensure that the tab is correctly positioned in its slot using a flat screwdriver after installing the back.

Remove the bolts from the back of the seat cushions and, for those with screws, loosen the lower side of the rear panel. Reattach the bolts under the floorboards to keep them in place while they are being installed.


The process for how to fix a recliner is not difficult at all. It only requires knowing how each part works and where it should be fixed; that is, what kind of repair needs doing in order for your chair or sofa backrest/armrests to function correctly again!

These steps are easy enough even if you don’t have any experience working on large items like this before- just follow along closely with us today as we walk through how we were able to successfully replace our old couch’s armrest by following some simple directions given over here (or maybe try taking care of one side instead).