Sometimes, life throws unexpected curveballs your way, putting us in a position where you need to know how to sell your house in 30 days or sooner. However, if selling a house was that easy, realtors wouldn’t exist nor would your friends and family have horror stories about how long it took their homes to sell.

Fortunately for you, there are ways to get your house sold fast, even within 30 days. The key is being willing to work, compromise, and do what’s necessary.

How to Sell Your House in 30 Days

Whether you were offered a job in another location, are looking at an eviction, or just need to get out of Dodge as soon as possible, we can help you sell your home as soon as possible.
How to Sell Your House in 30 Days
Check out our quick guide below.

Clean It

First, you need to focus on making your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. This means getting all of your stuff out and going to town on the cleaning.

Rent a storage unit if you have to or start moving your stuff to your new place. Regardless, the cleaner your home is and the less clutter there is, the more likely it will attract a buyer.

Update and Repair It

Next, figuring out how to sell your house in 30 days or better means giving it a facelift. Focus on simple updates and repairs. Hopefully, there are no serious problems with the home or you may have to consider and “as-is” sale.

Otherwise, go around the house taking care of the little things such as damaged trim and drywall, cracked or broken windows, leaky pipes, stained carpets, chipping paint, etc. You can also look into cheap home improvement ideas for the DIYer in you.

Stage It

Next, consider having the home staged. We know you just moved all your stuff out, but a well-staged home can sell up to 87 percent faster than non-staged homes.

However, appearance is everything so if you’re thinking about staging your home with your old, worn-in furniture, think again.

Hire a Realtor

Next, since you probably aren’t a profession realtor yourself, nor do you have an intimate knowledge of the real estate market, you’ll probably want to hire an agent. Their knowledge and expertise can expedite the sale process, getting potential buyers in the door as soon as you give the green light.

Realtors do charge a fee (usually 3 percent of the sale) but it’s well worth it if you’re trying to figure out how to sell your house in 30 days or under.

Sell to a Cash Buyer

Finally, if you’re out of options or simply want a sure thing, you can go with a cash home buyer. These businesses buy your home or sometimes take over the mortgage.

While you may not get the best deal out of selling your home to a cash buyer, most of these agencies are more than fair. Additionally, it’s a sure-fired when learning how to sell your house in 30 days or better.

Want More Home Advice?

Want More Home Advice
Knowing how to sell your house in 30 days or faster is a handy bit of knowledge. However, if you find yourself looking for more ways to make it more appealing to buyers or simply want new decorating ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our articles before you leave!