Revamping your accent wall is the perfect way to instill an extraordinary appeal to an otherwise ordinary living space. How one chooses to create or smarten up an accent wall is a personal choice. Owing to their flexibility in design and ability to add character to a room, accent walls are quite popular in the home décor segment.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on creating a stunning accent wall. Your creativity, accompanied by the precious tips and DIY ideas shared below, can help draw attention to your feature wall within a pocket-friendly budget.

Read on to learn a few valuable tips before starting work on your accent wall. We are sure these ideas will elevate your home interior, wowing all those who visit you.

Highlight an Architectural Feature

Highlight an Architectural Feature
If you are lucky to have an architectural feature, like a fireplace, a staircase, or a window with a picturesque view, consider refurbishing it to draw attention to that wall. The window, in the image below, has been smartened up with crown molding and a bright hue, transforming it into a striking accent wall.

Similarly, if a room has a fireplace, consider giving that area a facelift. Getting your hearth cleaned and redoing the mantle can instantly provide visual interest to the accent wall, thereby revamping your interiors. Use a decorative molding, stone, wood, or iron brackets, or repurposed materials like wood to upgrade your fireplace surrounds.
Architectural Feature
Your neighborhood chimney sweep can inspect your hearth and chimney and suggest the best makeover options based on the area’s geography and climatic conditions. For instance, a reputed Seattle chimney sweep knows that Seattle households require tailored chimney services as the city receives rainfall throughout the year. Trust your local chimney sweep to give your fireplace a complete makeover, thereby elevating the look of your accent wall.

Introduce Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Introduce Colors, Patterns, and Textures
Rooms without an architectural feature can benefit from bright colors, attractive patterns, stenciling, wallpaper, and textures. Most accent walls look striking when the patterns and colors used are in contrast with their adjoining walls. Thus, to make a bold color statement with your accent wall, make sure the adjacent walls have neutral shades of gray, beige, greige (beige+gray), white or cream.
Patterns and textures add a pop of color and dimension to the accent wall, emphasizing the uniqueness of your living space. Use your creativity to give a personal touch to your feature wall. Simple tools like a whisk broom, stencils, paint roller, and masking tape can be used to create textures and geometric patterns, giving your accent wall a complete makeover.

Wall murals can give an instant aesthetic boost to the accent wall, adding color and depth to any room. Pick up an artist brush and paint your favorite scenery or invest in striking wall decals. Use your creativity to give a jaw-dropping sophisticated look to your accent wall.

Think Outside the Paint Bucket

Think Outside the Paint Bucket
Who says accent walls only have to be painted? Dare to be different by experimenting with ideas that can add drama to your accent wall to flaunt your personality and creativity. For instance, if you are a plant addict, create a living accent wall by layering your favorite collection of plants vertically, thereby satisfying your penchant for flora.
Paint Bucket
Have you thought about your 5th wall? Your room’s ceiling can make a striking accent wall when embellished with attractive molding or a bright hue. If you have a room with windows on most walls, it makes sense to convert your ceiling into a striking décor element.
Think Outside
Lastly, placing timeless pieces of home décor accessories like a musical instrument, a grandfather’s clock, a pair of antlers, or vintage-style crockery on the accent wall can add interest to your interiors. For instance, if you are a music aficionado, place a large organ or a vintage gramophone in a corner and fill the wall with a collection of eternal CDs and photographs of your favorite musicians, enabling you to flaunt your personality and interests.

Go for Natural Materials

Go for Natural Materials
If you don’t like bright hues and textures, take inspiration from nature to make your wall feel earthy and sophisticated. Bringing nature into your home can also give your interior a soothing appeal, making space look inviting and warm.

Choose natural materials that resonate with your personality. For instance, if you like natural rock walls, give your accent wall an upgrade by building a stone accent wall. All you need is panels of faux stone veneer, adhesive, and a hand-held hacksaw. Stone walls can make your room stand out with its rustic, modern-day, and rough-hewn look.

Similarly, shiplap or hardwood boards can be used to smarten up your feature wall, giving it a natural warm hue and dappled texture that makes a show-stopping interior design element.
Natural Materials
Natural materials like cork, reclaimed wood, shiplap, rock, slate, and teak give an understated polished look to the accent wall, making your home look crisp and modern.

Create an Art Wall

Create an Art Wall
Whether you like collecting art or are an artist yourself, convert your accent wall into a show-stopping masterpiece by hanging framed artworks. When putting up multiple art pieces, make sure you select artworks that complement each other with respect to colors and size.

The key to creating a cohesive look on the accent wall is to place all the art pieces on the floor and plan a set up that works for you. Next, mark where each frame will be put up on the wall, creating an art gallery-like display. Leave at least two to three inches of space between each frame or canvas to avoid clutter and create a proportionate look.

Creating an impressive accent wall is not just about painting it in a different color. With your aesthetic sense and a few handy tips, you can add drama to your feature wall, making your home feel warm and inviting. Use the aforementioned tips to spice up your accent wall, thereby creating a home interior that’s straight out of an interior décor magazine.

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