Who among us didn’t hear both good and bad things about memory foam pillows? While some of these are real facts – some are myths and misconceptions! I strongly urge my esteemed readers to take a few moments of your precious time and review the following “Myth-busting” facts about memory foam pillows.

Myth 1: Memory Foam Pillow comes vacuum-packed and compressed. It looks odd and confusing to plump!

Memory Foam Pillow comes vacuum-packed and compressed. It looks odd and confusing to plump
The Real Fact: On the contrary! It’s almost effortless and straightforward to fluff – if you know how to.

When a memory foam leaves the factory, it has already been machine-rolled and compressed into a small package. The manufacturers do that to save up space while shipping those pillows. I agree, at first look, it may seem a bit counter-intuitive and odd. Don’t need to freak out!

A brand new memory foam pillow may take up a day or two to fill out and plump up after you remove it from the package. Leave it in an open space inside your house, and it’ll begin to expand to its original size – slowly but surely! Then, it’s ready to use. After you start sleeping on that pillow, it should retain its plumpness. Rotate the cushion once or twice each month and use the other side to get the best out of it!

Myth 2: After Unboxing the odor smells strange – It’s toxic and harmful!

The Real Fact: Well, it has an initial odor, but it’s not toxic and harmful at all to our body and environment.

One of the biggest complaints by the users of memory foam pillows is the unpleasant foam odor. Memory foam uses polyurethane and several other chemicals. So, the strange scent can be a little off-putting at the beginning.

If you are experiencing that odor, the good news is you may not have to endure that smell for long! The off-gassing period ends after a few days. You have to keep it in a ventilated space inside the house for a day or two – that should do.

Even if the initial odor goes away, it is natural to wonder if there are health issues related to that “Off-gassing”? If your memory foam pillow comes with “CertiPUR-US” certification tag, then it’s safe and not to worry at all!

Myth 3: Thick memory foam is more effective than a thin memory pillow!

Thick memory foam is more effective than a thin memory pillow
The Real Fact: No it’s not! It depends on the quality and the Manufacturing process.

Lots of sub-par memory foam pillows have an excessive thickness. And the manufacturers of those pillows try to give an impression that the depth will bring comfort! What a marketing scam? That’s misleading.

Memory foam pillows work best when the inner fill holds a combination of other layered-materials. Don’t get me wrong – there is a definite ‘optimum’ thickness that a memory foam pillow should carry! But, when it’s too thick and spongy, you won’t be able to get the desired comfort level with that.

Try to pick the one which has shredded or layered memory foam in it. Gel infused memory foam pillows are also comfortable.

Myth 4: Memory foam pillows hold the body temperature, and it’s too hot!

The Real Fact: It’s just wrong! Don’t blame the Memory Foam Pillow – it doesn’t warm you up.

Yes, memory foam itself has an inherent capacity to absorb heat. The latest memory foams, however, have an open cell structure breathing pockets (built right in!) that readily dissipates heat. It won’t make you sweaty during the sleep. At the same time, it will control the humidity of your body and prevent you from overheating while you’re using the pillow.

If you need enhanced cooling effect, you can start using gel-memory foam pillows. Those are an excellent choice during the hot summer.

Myth 5: It’s pricier than usual, regular pillows!

It’s pricier than usual, regular pillows
The Real Fact: I disagree – Why don’t you check out on your own!

It’s a common misconception among pillow users. When this product was first out in the market, memory foam did have a high price-tag. But, the scenario has changed nowadays! Sadly, due to the lack of proper information, the bad reputation still exists.

Just browse the internet and compare side by side a few pillows. You should have the answer!

Now you Know:

These misconceptions have been preventing mass consumers from ordering memory foam pillows. A standard memory foam pillow can give you all the features that you need to wake up without neck strain and aches.

Look for the known and reliable brands to find the best memory pillow. Don’t deprive yourself anymore – buy a memory foam pillow with confidence!