Lightning is one of the most important elements of your home décor in North Vancouver. As practical and functional as it is atmospheric, various lighting options, such as LED strip lights, have the potential to transform the look and feel of your home in North Vancouver.

Did you know that lighting trends, such as connected lighting forms, are among the most prevalent driving factors of sustainability? There is no doubt that lighting has evolved considerably over the last two decades, skyrocketing both in its innovation and functionality by moving from tubes to better semiconductor components as well as LED-powered connected lighting. 

And as people are spending more time at their homes because of COVID-19, lighting is more important than ever. Lighting trends, such as LED light strips, have certainly come a long way. This means that you can ditch the old year-round Christmas lights for something more functional and cleaner-looking. 

Are you looking for an excellent way to update your North Vancouver home’s interiors? If so, stylish and functional lighting fittings and LED lamps can be a great way to take your space to the next level while keeping you updated with the latest lighting trends. 

1. Minimalistic Design with a Focus on Functionality

It is no secret that innovative technology meets contemporary design in this new trend that cleverly places important functionality in the foreground. This is one of the main trends in the world of modern lighting design. 

You may want to get rid of unnecessary things, focusing on the main ones. So, following these aspirations, many designers create luminaries of strict shapes, stylistic brightness, and wide functionality.

Emerging from the roots of the classic Scandinavian design tradition, minimalist lighting, such as lamps, pendant lights, and ceiling fittings, celebrates a simple yet elegant design. Note that while this trend may celebrate simple design, minimalist lighting is excellent in function and is usually energy efficient. Also, it can include smart control technology. 

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2. Smart Lighting and Bulbs

You may know that digital technologies now play a more significant role in our daily lives, and residential lighting is undoubtedly no exception. With a smart and efficient bulb comes a new function. Homeowners in North Vancouver are increasingly swapping out their traditional standard bulbs as an easy and convenient entry point into smart home technology.  

Did you know that this new function is essential because people are in their homes more often, and many rooms have multiple uses? Note that as smart home technology becomes more prevalent and accessible, this lighting trend will likely become more popular. 

For example, the modern and sleek covers and other light fixtures are more appealing and functional than typical switches.  

Using smart LED lighting and bulbs, you can start with bright and cool white lighting in order to help keep you stay focused and alert. And at dinnertime, you can warm and dim the lighting in your room to give it a different feel. 

3. Geometric Designs

It is worth noting that geometric shapes and patterns give your lighting an architectural and casual feel, making geometric fixtures an ideal candidate for any room in your home – especially your kitchen. 

Also, the economy and simplicity of geometric lines are perfectly combined with minimalism to offer optimal functionality. 

You will see more geometric shapes in the form of chandeliers and pendants throughout 2021 and beyond—mark our words. 

4. Brass and Gold Fixtures

You should know that brass or gold fixtures are making a comeback, and this will be an important lighting and design trend in 2021 and beyond. For lighting finishes, modern and black brass tones are dominant. 

There is no doubt that the juxtaposition of rich darkness with sleek metallic shine creates sophisticated and show-stopping fixtures that you will like. 

According to experts, gold and brass are the color of choice for both accessories and lighting. The trend is picking up steam, and there is no sign that the design world’s gold fixation will end any time soon. 

5. LED Lighting

Note that lighting trends for 2021 are not limited to fixtures. These trends also apply to various bulb types. For example, you can use round LED lighting fixtures to create a romantic, tranquil, or soothing ambiance in your North Vancouver home. 

They are ideal in the master bedroom or the guest bedroom. This is because they offer occupants a relaxing and cozy night. Also, LEDs are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are also free from harmful and toxic materials.

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