Your living room is one of the essential rooms in your house. It serves as the meeting point for your family members and guests, entertainment area, and most importantly, it provides comfort whenever you are chilling at home. Your living room is the initial room that reflects your decor taste and preferences whenever someone visits your house. 

So, before decorating your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms, decorating the living room should be your priority. The truth is, there is a way you can decorate a small living room to make it appear even bigger. Read more on how to decorate your small living room like a pro.

Create an attractive focal point

Introducing a focal point is the first step to decorating your living room like a professional designer, and many homeowners prefer to use the TV as their focal point in the living room. Although the tv is an essential part of your living room, it is ordinary and boring as a focal point. Try to create an interesting focal point like a large portrait, painting, or a beautiful fireplace to deviate the eyes from the tv. Something unique and more appealing is more likely to fascinate your guests more.

Utilize warm and bright colors

Dull colors tend to make a space appear smaller. If you want to make your living room appear more extensive and welcoming, dominate it with brighter colors such as white, cream, and beige, especially the walls. Your furniture and other decors should feature more brilliant colors as well. Plus, brighter decor portrays you as a cleaner person since it needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

Install unique lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures come in handy when it comes to interior decor. You need to ensure that your living room has just enough light to make it feel warm. Choose stylish lighting fixtures that are just the right size to blend in with the rest of your decor. People are fascinated by unique chandeliers and will notice them as the first thing once they set foot into your house. Ensure the light fixture does not hang too low or very high on the ceiling.

Incorporate artwork

Artwork is the best feature in your living room as it gives the eyes a place to rest on. Artwork doesn’t have to be in the form of paintings or pictures. You can even incorporate unique artwork on your ceiling or design one of the walls in colorful art to break the monotony of a single color used in painting the walls. Artistic wall art can even be the focal point of your living room.

Add a big and comfortable rug

The floor is one of the initial things your guests notice when they enter your living room. You can add some color to brighten it up. A big colorful rug provides comfort for your feet and adds warmth to the living room, especially during winter.

Pillows and patterns are good to break the monotony

Colorful and patterned pillows come in handy to break the monotony of the color of your furniture. The beauty of pillows is that you can change the prints and patterns over time to introduce something new.

The takeaway 

Ensure the layout of your living room is welcoming and not too congested.