Some woodworkers spend all their time varnishing but still are unable to give furniture a smooth finish. But, with improvement in technology, you can purchase products that are going to help you achieve the perfect look. One of those tools highly appreciated by every wood worker around the world is random orbital sanders. It doesn’t leave any sanding marks on the wood which is why it is gaining more and more popularity. Here are a few things regarding random orbital sanders which would make you want to purchase them.

Some Benefit of Random Orbital Sanders

It has a very fast speed

It has a very fast speed
With speed of about 25000rp, random orbital sanders sand a place in complete orbits. The orbital motion and high speed is the reason why no marks are left on the wooden furnish when it’s work done. It is completely unlike the older models like sheet sanders and belt sanders which may leave swirl marks visible in the finish. Random orbital sanders are completely beating the market as people look forward to a high-quality finish.

Sandpaper is often used

Many of these random orbit sanders incorporate the use of sanding disks, which are generally fixated on that foam rubber pad, either with the help of hooks or loops. It covers about 5inch diameter. Most commonly, sanding disks have about eight holes which are in line with the holes of the pad which solve the purpose of collecting dust. The greater number of grits in the sander, the better-quality material it would be, and the range available is from 60 to 200.

Make sure these sanders have a dust collector

When purchasing a sander, you must be careful that you pick the one which has a dust collector in-built or a filter which collects the dust on its own. This way, there would be less mess to clean up when you are working on the wood. It helps people save a lot of time, and they can work in a neat surrounding without bothering about the dust piling up. A collection bag could also be connected to the sander. Some sanders in the market have the feature of being connected to a portable vacuum unit.

The sander needs to be well balanced

The sander needs to be well balanced
It shouldn’t be a big problem to be comfortable with the random orbital sander. Purchase the one which is lightweight, and you can work easily with it must check some light weight random orbital sander reviews Otherwise, you would end up spending more time to handle the sander the right way, rather than working with it. Sealed switch unit will be helpful as it would keep the dust away and it would be easier for you to turn it on or off. The vibration should be less, or you wouldn’t be able to use it for large sanding projects.

There are speed controls on Sanders as well

Higher models even have the feature of speed control. This enables the woodworker to adjust the speed according to the kind of project they are working on.