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Studying at home is not the same as studying in a classroom. There are a lot of things to distract you from your education. In the long run this could affect your performance, your grades, and hence, your career. Here are a few décor hacks that you can use to make your online learning more effective:

Focus on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment
comfortable and relaxed environment
A comfortable and relaxed environment is very important to make online learning productive. You will need adequate workspace that won’t make you feel cramped when you are at work. Here are a few things you may have to keep in mind while creating the right environment for online learning:

  • Make sure the top of your table or desk is at a height that is between your ribcage and waist when you sit. This way you can rest your elbows easily without hunching your shoulders forward.
  • Choose a chair that is comfortable and interesting. Make sure the height of the chair matches the height of your table or desk perfectly. Go for a simple and plain design instead of one that rotates, rolls, or lifts. This will keep you away from distractions and help you get more productive in the long run.
  • If you are using a computer, make sure there is about one and half to two and a half feet distance between you and your computer.
  • Get a personalized cork board fixed near your table. Not only will it look appealing, it will also muffle sounds, keeping you away from distractions.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting. You can choose between a desk lamp and an overhead light that can light up the entire area. While having natural light is good, it can also be a distraction. You can however, use blinds or draperies.
  • Organize your school supplies and make sure they are easily accessible. Also have a calculator and a dictionary at hand. Using your phone is an option; but it can also be a huge distraction. If you don’t have enough space on your desk, you can always get some decorative boxes and crates and stack them up.

Use the space only for studying
Use the space only for studying
A study space that doubles up as a bed room cannot prove productive for online learning. As far as possible make sure this space is used only for studying. Choose a minimalistic design, keeping only the items that are most important.

Make it bright and colorful
Make it bright and colorful
Colors are said to enhance creativity. Try using a bright color to do up your study space and combine it with eye-catching wallpaper. As far as possible use a mix of lively colors. It will keep your brain going.

Keep it simple
Paying too much attention of beautifying your study space may actually destroy the purpose of your online learning. As far as possible keep it simple and free from distractions. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the room has good ventilation
  • Bring in some natural lighting through the window during daytime
  • Use light pastel colors on the walls to create a calming atmosphere
  • Keep your study table tidy and clutter-free at all times.
  • Make sure the temperature is at about 19 degrees Celsius at all times. The brain performance will be at its highest in this temperature.
  • Add in a couple of plants to freshen up the ambience
  • Put up your goals, schedules, calendars, exam dates, and even a few motivating charts on your walls.

Online learning centers have sure made learning very easy and convenient. These décor tips should help you make it more productive and efficient.