Over the years, more and more people are moving towards more eco-friendly and organic lifestyles. As concerns about climate change and other environmental issues grow, people are starting to ask what they can do to contribute to positive changes around the world. There have been many organizations set up to address these issues on a global scale, but making small changes at home is a great way you can help. If you’re interested in moving towards a more organic lifestyle, here are some steps you can take.


Mundall Garden
If you enjoy spending time in your garden and have green fingers, starting to take a more organic approach to your gardening is a good step. Instead of purchasing compost already in bags at the garden store, you can make your own with food waste from your kitchen. Refuse like vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea leaves are all great to use for compost. Choose to use organic fertilizer, too, which you can purchase from stores with ease. Growing fruit and vegetables is also an effective way of introducing more organic produce into your home.


Swapping your current mattress out for an organic one is another small change you can make at home. They could improve your night’s sleep and be healthier for you, too. These non toxic mattresses have better materials, which means that they can provide comfortable support throughout the night. They also do not use chemicals for flame-proofing; instead, the materials used are naturally flame resistant. These materials also promote better airflow, which means your mattress is kept fresh. If your mattress is old and it’s time for a new one, consider purchasing an organic one this time around.

Organic Builds

If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford to build your own home or are considering this in for the future, you can create a completely organic home from scratch. It might be a lot of work, but by selecting the right materials and clever design, you could have a stunning home that is eco-friendly. You could also have a natural water system in place and use solar panels to power your house.


If you’re not in a position to build your own home, don’t worry – there are still more changes you can make in your current household. Even the clothes on your back can make a difference, and there are plenty of retail outlets that offer organic clothes that are still very stylish. Materials such as cotton, silk, and wool are all brilliant examples of what organic clothes can be made of, and they are certainly luxurious. They might be slightly more expensive, but the quality is much better. Just make sure you’re buying from responsibly sourced retailers.


Finally, the most common change people make at home when they are trying to go organic is their grocery shopping. Buying your food from organic food stores instead of mainstream supermarkets is a good way to gently introduce organic products into your home. Again, sometimes this food can be more expensive, but the quality tends to be better. However, some supermarkets do offer organic products now, too, which could make your weekly grocery shop easier and more affordable.

If you want to create a more eco-friendly and organic home, try these suggestions for easy and positive changes.