Who doesn’t like to decorate their house with aesthetic things? Well, everyone does. It has always been a common characteristic of human being that they like to beautify things to satisfy thyself. One of the part is actually decorating own house with such things which includes a great dining room. Now, we go to the dining room to eat, and whenever we enter the dining room, the very first thing that makes its own appeal is the dining table. And what dining table will be more aesthetic than a marble top table!

Basically, marble top tables feature a slab of marble that sits on top of a base. It’s not necessary that the base has to be made of marble as well, it can be made of wood or metal or anything. 

Now, there are various types of marbles that can make your dining room as well as dining table more aesthetic. Such as:

  • The White Indian Marble has spelled luxury and grandeur from the very beginning. This type of exquisite marble will enhance the elegance and richness just like it did to the Taj Mahal. Its dense textural surface makes it easier to clean.
  • The Onyx Stone is little bit on the heavier side. The detail of such stones and the originality makes these one of the best ones in the market which comes with variety of shades.
  • The Italian Marble itself is a symbol of absolute class. With the longevity and durability of its own, it is simple and unique and it is suitable for larger dining rooms. 
  • Carrara Marble is a very high-quality stone in Tuscany. Italians have been using this since the Roman empire. It is notable for its linear veining. 
  • Travertine is not a marble technically, although like other marbles, it starts out as limestone. It looks best in its natural matte finish.

Now, these marbles certainly are aesthetic, but there are certain pros and cons that you would want to know about before making any decision.


  • The very first thing is its absolute beauty: nothing compares to these!
  • If it is maintained carefully, it is very durable.
  • It can complement any style or any setting.
  • The biggest of all, it is eco-friendly and does no harm to the environment.
  • It will never go out of style. Marble is a surefire addition to your that needs no replacement at all. I mean, you actually will never even want to do so!


  • It requires much care. You need to be careful in doing the maintenance.
  • You certainly need to seal the marble top.
  • It scratches very easily, sometimes even after sealing it.
  • Coasters are to be used all the time.
  • Marbles are really heat sensitive. It is also sensitive to sticky substances.
  • It may get stains easily.

If you look closely, all the cons described above can easily be avoided if you actually do maintenance work carefully and consistently. In order to take care of it, you need to:

  • Use coasters frequently.
  • If you spill something on it, especially if it is acidic like lime or orange, wipe it ASAP!
  • You should go for a trivet or table pad while serving food.
  • Do not use traditional cleaners because the harsh chemicals can damage the marble. So, use the recommended cleaner for that specific marble. Talk to the professionals.
  • Wax can discolor white marbles and turn them into yellow ones.
  • Seal the marble top. Well, not all marbles require sealing, make sure to take suggestion from the professionals.
  • Do not put hot bowls or pots straight on the marble. 
  • In order to do daily cleaning, using just warm water and a soft sponge will serve the purpose.