At least 40% of the homes in the United States are mortgage-free. This shows a steady rise in the rates of homeownership in the country. Notably, building a house from scratch has also become a considered option as more Americans embrace the need to have a permanent roof over their heads.

Speaking of roofs, according to Peaks & Valleys Construction, it’s of utmost importance that you take your time when determining the best roof type for your house followed by the roofing company you choose. As your roof will be the only barrier between you and uncompromising weather conditions.

Are you looking for a roofing option that will stand the test of time? Metal roof tiles have wide-ranging advantages over most other roofing alternatives. Read on for a comprehensive comparison of metal roof tiles vis-à-vis other roofing options.

What Are Metal Roof Tiles?

Well, this is a valid question that most potential homeowners contend with when looking for roofing options. Most of the metal roofs are steel or aluminum-made. But in certain other cases, you may also find metal roof tiles that are made from zinc or copper.
What Are Metal Roof Tiles
Most of the metal roof tiles exist in standing seam form. However, depending on your specific needs, you may consider corrugated metal panels. These critical features set metal roof tiles apart from other forms of roofing options.

Shingles, on the other hand, are made of either organic paper mats or fiberglass. Other standard roofing options include concrete tiles, which are cement and sand-made. Clay tiles, on the other hand, are a product of natural clay.

You may, therefore, have the option to choose between metal, clay, slate or concrete roofing when finishing your house. But there are critical advantages that metal roof tiles present, which sets this option apart from the rest.

1. Durability

Nothing beats metal roof tiles when it comes to durability. Whichever type of metal roofing you settle for, longevity is a guarantee.

On average, you have a guarantee of between 30 to 50 years when using metal roofing. Such longevity is not something you can find with most other options.
Depending on the exact material, this guarantee of longevity may be longer. Shingle roofing may not offer you as much assurance. Although most shingles have an element of algae resistance, they often cave in when exposed to extreme humidity. On average, your shingle roof can last between 15 and 20 years.

Clay and concrete roofing tiles are designed to offer long-lasting roofing experience. However, both options have limitations associated with ease of breakage if mishandled. This means that both clay and concrete roofs would be unable to withstand any form of direct impact.

2. Cost

The cost of building a dream home in the United States is moderately high. You must be keen on saving on costs when deciding on the most suitable roofing option. With metal roofing, the cost of installation depends on the actual material. Making use of steel-made metal roofing tiles will save you considerable expense when compared to other options.

Most people consider asphalt shingles to be less expensive, considering that cost per square is around $75-$125. However, bearing in mind the durability of metal roof tiles, incurring about $250-$450 per square shouldn’t be regarded as expensive.

You might have to pay $800-$1000 per square for clay tiles. Similarly, you’ll spend around $300- $500 for concrete roof tiles. The comparable costs for each roofing option show that metal roofing is more cost-friendly.

3. Resistance

When deciding on the best roofing option for your house, strength should be a critical consideration.
Typically, your roof ought to be resistant to hail storms, fire, snow, and wind. Depending on your locality, either of these elements can cause significant damages to your property.
Wind Resistance

Metal roof tiles can withstand with ease, winds of up to 140 mph. Such a level of resistance is critical in regions where extreme windy seasons are common. Most modern shingles and concrete roofs can only hold up winds of up to 90 mph. You should consider installing metal roof tiles if your area is prone to tornadoes or other wind-related calamities.

Fire Resistance

Fires are a common occurrence, especially during hot summer seasons. Having a roof that is fire resistant is critical in such instances. Metal roof tiles do not burn. The same may not be said about most other roofing options.

Most shingle roofs are susceptible to fire, primarily if such frames originate from the inside of your house. Asphalt comprises of combustible material, which means that it may burn when in direct contact with fire.

Snow Resistance

Winter can be quite scary if you’re unsure about your roof’s capacity to hold up the snow. If you are looking for a perfect choice for roofing to withstand snowy weather, then metal roof tiles are the answer.

Slate roofing is another popular option when it comes to withstanding seasons of extreme snowstorms. However, slate roofs are way more expensive compared to metal roofing. This makes metal roofs a considered option in most homes.

4. Color Variety

Roofs not only provide a protective layer in your house but also act as an expression of creativity in design.

Consequently, the color of the roof matters to most people. If you’re keen on exploring a wide range of colors for your roofing, metal roof tiles should be your considered option.
Color Variety
You’ll get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors when installing your roof.

Most of the metal roof tiles have a superior look and appearance compared to other roof options. As an added advantage, most metal roofs with light color are 50-60 degrees cooler than asphalt and concrete alternatives.

Your Roof Is the First Point of Contact With Weather Elements, Choose Wisely

It’s not enough to have a roof over your head if that roof can’t withstand extreme weather. That’s why you need to consider installing metal roof tiles. With the level of durability, cost-effectiveness, and color options at your disposal, your dream home is just a step away from being a reality.

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