Cannabis smoking accessories is a sizable and thriving industry. With the raging popularity of cannabis use, the market size is sure to expand in the coming years.

An online head shop is ideal for grabbing your supply of various tools and smoke accessories at reasonable rates. 

A report by Forbes in 2016 had estimated that the cannabis paraphernalia industry would be worth $40 billion by 2020. With the legalization of marijuana in different countries, functional pots and other accessories are now more in demand. 

If you are a weed enthusiast, here are a few must-have items you should invest in right away!


The first on the list is the weed grinder, a must-have for beginners and experts. These grinders will help you to grind your weed flowers evenly.

The primary purpose of the grinder is to produce more airflow while you are taking a hit. Moreover, you can use the grinders for all ranges of smoking devices such as bongs, pipes, or a joint.

These necessary cannabis tools are readily available in an online head shop at a more affordable rate.

Pre-Rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

If you prefer rolling your joint, getting yourself some rolling papers is a good option. You must look for high-quality joint paper that can perfectly pair with any strain.

On the other hand, getting pre-rolled cones is always a good alternative if you have limited time. Online head shops sell some premium and efficient pre-rolled cones that will make your smoking session uncomplicated and relaxed.

Smell-Proof Bags

Weed flowers and strains do give out a pungent smell. It can get tricky to mask the smell when traveling or out with your friends.

But fret not. There are many cannabis accessories brands today that offer stylish backpacks that are odor-proof. 

With the help of these commuter bags, you need not break a sweat on wrapping your weed in your regular bags.


Pipes are one of the favorite cannabis accessories for all cannabis lovers. The reason being they are simple in design and functionality. Besides, they are even cheaper and easier to maintain than other gadgets.

With the ever-changing technology, pipes today come with cutting-edge features that purify the smoke altogether. This ensures that you enjoy a cough-free smoking session packed with a good punch.

Joint Roller Machine

Do you like to make your joints but are not very confident of rolling them? So, you need not perfect the art of making rolls anymore. Then a joint roller machine is just what you might be looking for.

The use of roller machines will save you ample time from rolling and packing a punch. Hence, you can prepare numerous joints in one go with the help of this unique machine.


In the cannabis community, vaping is yet another option to enjoy the goodness of your greens. Using a vaporizer, you get to experience a much cleaner and smooth smoke when the weed gets heated.

Before you invest in a particular vaporizer, it is always better to ensure that it is compatible with various strains.

Wrapping Up

Once you are adept with the different cannabis gears, you will be more aware of what suits your liking and preferences.

These must-have tools are handy and essential; hence, every cannabis lover should have with them.