Everyone needs a place to relax and unwind, and your garden can provide the perfect spot to do so. However, traffic noise or loud, nosey neighbours can turn a dream space into a living nightmare.

If you would like to drown out unpleasant sounds or block out unwanted eyes to create a garden of serenity, check out the below must-know guide for creating a tranquil outside space.

Enjoy Greater Privacy

The last thing you will want is for your neighbours to stare at you and your family when attempting to enjoy your garden. To block out prying eyes, you must consider the different ways to create a more private space.

For instance, you could:

As a result, you’ll be able to read a good book, play with your kids, or enjoy a garden party without worrying about onlookers. You will wonder why you didn’t install the above sooner!

Add Serenity with Water

Create a soothing backdrop by installing one or more water features in your garden. For example, you will feel all your stresses and strains melt away when listening to the sound of a water fountain or a pond with a waterfall. It is also a touch of luxury that is bound to impress your guests, and you could fall a little more in love with the stunning space.

You could even add fish into your pond, and you could happily watch them explore the water all day long. To find the perfect feature for your outdoor space, visit Water-garden.co.uk to take your pick from high-quality pond supplies and water features.

Play Your Favourite Music

To create a calm environment that boosts your mood, consider playing your favourite music. There are also many fantastic outdoor speakers available on the market to connect to a device, such as your smartphone or laptop.

However, as you will not want to increase your stress or anxiety levels, it might be a wise idea to stick to relaxing tunes over hard rock music. You could even play calming white noise, such as the sound of ocean waves. If you close your eyes, you could be lying on a beach at a tropical destination.

Make the Space Ooze Comfort

Your garden is an extension of your home, so it must be both comfortable and attractive. For this reason, you should incorporate a few comforts into the outdoor area, as you could:

  • Install a hammock
  • Invest in luxurious sun loungers
  • Add cushions onto your outdoor furniture
  • Light an outdoor candle

Look for ways to add texture, comfort, and cosiness into the space, which will make you want to spend every waking minute in your relaxing garden.


Your outdoor space should serve as a tranquil oasis. Unfortunately, it can feel the opposite when you’re struggling with nosey neighbours, loud external noises and a lack of home comforts. To ensure you want to spend every second of the day in your garden, which can melt away your worries and support your mental health, you should follow the above advice on how to create a tranquil outdoor space.