Everyone loves a beautiful bathroom or shower room but they are hard work to keep looking tip-top and they take a fair bit of abuse from all the family. So why not be clever and embrace the latest design trends and some really clever new materials to create a bathroom you have always dreamed of, at a fraction of the cost plus have something that is really easy to clean, cutting down on your housework time?

Tiles have always been the obvious choice in the bathroom because they are so hard-wearing and do the job they need to with style. But they are quite a permanent feature, time-consuming to remove if you fancy a new look and laborious to clean particularly if you live in a hard water region. Explore some of the new alternatives to traditional tiles which you can incorporate into your bathroom in whole or in part.

These options are also great for other rooms in the house like utility rooms and wet rooms.
Hardest Working Rooms
You may have heard of wet walls or shower panels but what do these phrases actually mean, take a closer look.

  • Acrylic shower panelsthese offer a perfectly smooth grout free look to your shower or bath splashback, they are incredibly tough and hard-wearing so have the performance of tiles without the cleaning time. They make a perfect seal as there are no seams so reduce the chance of leaks and water damage. They are also very resistant to scratching or denting withstanding even the most vigorous bather. Acrylic is non-porous so it is water and stain resistant so it will stay looking good year in year out. Quick to fit, there are some amazing colourful designs to choose from
  • PVC Panels – really affordable particularly compared to the cost of tiling, again PVC is seamless cutting down on time spent cleaning and the chances of water leaking. They can also be a great option for bathroom ceilings. For a quick bathroom makeover, you can’t beat them
  • Marble – who wouldn’t say yes to a marble bathroom, marble is the ultimate in high-end luxury and glamour but has been reserved only for those with incredibly deep pockets or five-star hotels. Now you can create a marble effect using manmade materials
  • Stone Resin – an option for both the walls and the floor and offers a much warmer feel to the feet than tiling. Create mood, texture and dimension with stone effect panels on the bathroom walls or the floor. Go grey for a cool effect or pick a warm sandstone which looks lovely with gold fittings and creamy beige tiles

Hardest Working Rooms in the Home
Modern materials have revolutionised the bathroom and not just in what it looks like. A bathroom makeover can be completed in a fraction of the time and many of these floor and wall panels can be fitted over the top of tiling saving you the time, mess and money of having them removed. Easy to clean, easy to re-style, who wouldn’t want to take a look. And the colour and pattern options are amazing as well. Enjoy the 21st-century bathroom revolution.