Weather forecasting has been a thing since the dawn of time – it’s because the weather is essential in our lives, and it has a big impact on your plans. You need to know how it’ll be outside in order to dress properly. There’s no point in playing tennis with your friend when a storm is coming to your place. Also, there are a lot of people who are vulnerable to weather changes – their mood can change drastically then. We could list examples endlessly.

Nation-wide weather forecasts will tell you what you should expect, but they are far from perfection. It happens because these forecasts are based on stations that are miles away from your home. That’s why personal observation devices became a thing – they are much more accurate, and they will immediately inform you about weather change at your place once it’s coming.

Currently, there are two different types of personal weather stations – outdoor and indoor. Which one should you get? What are the factors for choosing one? Read this article, and you’ll find the answer to these questions.

How to choose the right weather station?

First commercial stations had many flaws and imperfections. Because of their bad quality, they weren’t that popular. However, thanks to constant upgrades and improvements, modern meteorological stations are very advanced and complex. There are so many models and brands that choosing one might be very challenging. That’s why the very first thing that you have to do is to ask yourself a question – are you more interested in knowing the parameters of your indoor space or outdoor space?
How to choose the right weather station

Indoor weather station

Indoor stations serve many purposes. They measure air conditions, humidity levels, and all the crucial parameters inside your home. According to, the wrong humidity level at the house has a harmful impact on your health. If it’s lower than 30%, then air will irritate your eyes and nose. However, such discomfort is not even the worst. When humidity exceeds 50%, then harmful moulds, bacterias and dust mites will have the perfect conditions for growth, and you have to avoid it at all costs. Indoor weather stations will help you to keep humidity levels between 30%-45%, which is the perfect range.

Health issues are not the only reason for buying this type of weather station, though. If you’re maintaining the wrong humidity level in your home, it has an impact on the storage conditions of specific products and even your pet’s health. Also, you should take care of it when you love plants, and you want them to have the proper conditions for growth.

Where should you place it?

This part is a bit tricky. When it comes to indoor meteorological stations, you can’t just place them anywhere you want. They are sensitive to temperature, air pressure and humidity changes. It’s crucial to put your observing device in a place where it’s only affected by natural temperature changes. Some objects like a stove, microwave or even a refrigerator, increase the temperature of the room, so placing it in the kitchen is a bad idea.

When it comes to humidity, it’s very similar to temperature. Find a place that is not affected by artificial humidity changes. The bathroom is definitely the worst place for weather stations.

Personal indoor stations also allow you to monitor air pressure. You have to know that barometric pressure is closely connected to temperature; that’s why it’s best to find a place with a stable temperature that isn’t affected by heating or cooling.

Outdoor weather station

Outdoor weather stations
Outdoor stations allow you to measure weather conditions outside. They are made of a console and different types of sensors. Outdoor weather observing devices collect the data and save it on a computer. They allow you to measure pretty much everything that you can imagine – temperature, air pressure, wind speed etc. Thanks to the data that they collect, it’s possible to make very accurate weather forecasts.

Benefits of having an outdoor station

Having your own weather bureau gives you a lot of possibilities. Of course, the most important one is the ability to plan your time based on the weather forecast. But it’s not everything. Purchasing a weather observation device allows you to save money. Yes, it’s possible, because you’ll be able to save money on heating or air conditioning. The only thing you have to do is pay attention to the data that you receive. Besides, if you have kids, the weather bureau will be a perfect opportunity to explain to them how to interpret and analyze information. Also, your collected data can be used to study the climate and predict future changes.

Having a personal weather station is a nice addition to your house. When it comes to the process of choosing, you have to ask yourself a question why do you need one. If you want to monitor home conditions, then you should pick an indoor weather station. When you want to make weather forecasts, you should go for outdoor weather observing device. No matter which one you choose, it will surely be a useful tool, and you won’t be able to imagine your life without it.