When the term “garden shed” is mentioned, images of a place where homeowners store their chemicals, tools, and garden furniture come to mind. There are many different types of garden sheds in different shapes and sizes. People use sheds for various reasons; if you would like extra space to conduct your activities away from the main house, then you require a work shed to do this and not a garden shed.

In this article, we look at the differences between a garden shed and a work shed. You can learn a lot more about sheds from Abbey Lawn.

The Insulation of these Sheds

Most of the things that are stored in garden sheds are not affected by cold or warm weather. All they require is a dry place away from direct sunlight or rainfall. However, if you are planning to work from your shed during the cold winter months, unless it is insulated, you won’t be in a position to carry out any meaningful activity.
The Insulation of these Sheds
In this case, a work shed requires proper insulation, whereas garden sheds do not. The same is the case during hot summers. Work sheds would need proper airflow for you to work appropriately, whereas garden sheds can function adequately with simple windows.

The Design and Construction of the Sheds

Work sheds are often designed and built using more expensive and better quality material. The doors and windows are made from thicker and denser material, which ensures the rooms remain warm and secure, especially if you choose to work overnight during cold periods.

The Lighting and Power in the Sheds

A work shed requires superb lighting to allow the user enough light to conduct their activities. Windows are a great source of light, offering free natural light. This will help you save on artificial lighting, which you would have to pay for if not enough windows were included.
On the other hand, garden sheds often come with simple windows or no windows at all. Simple lighting would work with the kind of items that are stored there.

The Cost Implication

The ordinary garden shed is less expensive compared to an office shed. The office shed gets costly, depending on the kind of storage and space you would want. The more shelves you have in your work area, the more expensive that shed will be. Since it is going to be the place you work from, you will most certainly spend more on designing and building a work shed. If you will have expensive equipment stored there, then you cannot compromise on security and will need strong walls and doors. The best material for such structures would possibly be metal, which is pretty expensive.
The Cost Implication
Garden sheds, on the other hand, can be built from any material and do not have to be secured as much since not many valuables are stored there.


With these differences between these types of sheds, we believe you will have a chance to decide which of the two you require.