The minimalist approach has been a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces for years and it is easy to see why. It brings a modern, sophisticated and uncluttered look to any room and this can only lead to a relaxed atmosphere for those within it. 

Particularly popular with young professionals who prefer a clean, sharp, and dynamic style for their home or office, the minimalist style allows you to make the most of your space and to do without anything that does not offer functionality. 

The question is, if this is a style of decor that you want to achieve, how do you go about it? Well, it is not just a matter of slapping some paint on the walls and will take quite a lot of thought and planning.

1. Get Your Space Ready

Before you can even think about painting your chosen space in the minimalist style, you have to ensure that space is fit and ready.  This means decluttering the room and removing as much furniture as possible. Not just because you are going to paint but also because the minimalist style requires that your space has a fluidity, convenience and innovative storage space.

Think about the furniture you will keep, and what you need to purchase. There are some fantastic turnkey storage solutions that you can use that not only store your items but do it discreetly. Remember that less is more with this style of interior decoration.

2. Get the Colour Scheme Right

The colour scheme that you choose plays a huge role when looking for minimalist perfection. Get this wrong and the room will look awkward, outwardly ambitious, dull, or a combination of the three. Critics of the minimalist style often mention the sterile colour schemes that are sometimes used. You really do not have to go for full on whites that can lead to your room looking like a hospital. 

For the best results, you want to go with off-whites and neutral colours for your interior walls. If you are struggling to come up with the ideal colour scheme, most painters and decorators London will have plenty of experience in this area and should be more than willing to offer advice. 

3. Incorporate Textures and Materials to Perfect the Look

The minimalist style looks at its best when it is combined with natural elements. Materials such as linen and wool when used as rugs and pillowcases can help to contrast your colour scheme while also providing a calming connection to nature. Throw in some wood or rattan furniture and this just adds to the core simplicities of the minimalist style. 

To finish the vibe, wood panelling and flooring is a must. Again, ensure that you have thought about the right colours as part of your colour scheme for the room. Ideally, go for a colour that is off white and a different hue to your walls.

4. Understand the Core Components of Minimalism

Convenience, functionality, and space are the three words that you would use to describe a minimalist room and they are the three words you need to remember when using this style for your room. Every piece of furniture or item must serve a function and not take up needless space, so think ahead about what you want and need in your space. Add shelving and other storage solutions that make the best use of space.

Well-placed hanging plants also qualify as serving a function. They provide colour and smell and do not take up any floor space. Scattered around your room, these plants will add an element of nature that goes hand in hand with minimalism and provide a freshness to the room’s environment.


Whether you are seeking a sleek and modern look for your commercial property or your home, you should certainly consider the minimalist style. As painters and decorators in London, we have firsthand experience of how this style can transform any room into one of class, sophistication, and convenience. 

Of course, it has to be done right. Therefore, it is important that you think long and hard about the colour scheme, floor plan, and the furniture that you will use. Speak to your decorators and they will be able to offer their own advice having learned from experience about what works best.