Having troubles deciding between full-time maid or part-time maid? Depending on your needs, this will help you determine whether a part-time maid is suitable. If you need a sitter for infants and toddlers, then I advise you to hire a full-time maid. They will cover all of your chores due to the fact they will be living with you. Full-time maids have one client and work more than 40 hrs a week. Opposed to part-time maids, they only work 30 hrs a week, about multiple clients in that week. This helps part-time maids acquire a full-time salary without living in the client’s home.

Some advantages of hiring a part-time maid


Part-time maids work fewer hours than full-time maids. This gives them extra energy to work more efficiently. Part-time maid will also be more focused on the task at hand. Leading to everything being done on time.

Payment Arrangements:

Due to part-time maids working fewer hours, you pay them only for their services. No, you are not required to pay part-time maids monthly because they work limited hours. They will not live with you so you are not required to pay travel expenses.


Having a part-time maid services can help reduce the chances of theft. They only work a certain amount of hours in a day. There have been cases where people have taken from clients home.


Part-time maids undergo efficient training. This allows them to liquidate all chores accordingly. All part-time maids will provide the best quality services you can ask for. You can guarantee that all your needs will be met. Also, may I add, part-time maids are always down to learn a new skill or two.

One’s space:

In regards to part-time maids only working a limited amount of hours there are no worries about them invading your space.

Unlike full-time maids who live with you. Yes, you will live with a stranger.

Some disadvantages of a part-time maid

Limited skills:

Now although part-time maids are very skillful at what they know, that’s about it. They are trained in certain fields. So in most cases, clients find themselves hiring multiple maids to fill the void. Say if one maid can clean but can’t cook, you hire another maid that can cook.

Lack of consistency:

Part-time maids have multiple clients so they tend to mix chores up with different clients. This makes it impossible for part-time workers to be consistent.

Limited Time:

There may be an extra chore that you may want to be done and it’s time for your maid to go, they go. You may become disappointed asking a part-time maid to stay extra. Which results in you doing it yourself.

Some advantages of hiring a full-time maid


Full-time workers spend more time around you making it easier for them to adapt to your habitat. Allowing full-time maids the accessibility to remember key things about client likes.

Abundant skills:

Full-time maids are well-rounded in all areas to perform all chores needed to be completed. Simple, they cook clean and take the dog for a walk.


Full-time maids work 24/7 so there is no excuse why things aren’t done. After all, they are living with you. This is great as stated before if you have little infants and toddlers at home.

Some disadvantages of hiring a full-time maid


Due to having a stranger lying in your house full-time, you are prone to being a victim of theft. There have been many cases of such events taking place. Very unfortunate, but it does happen.

Long processing time:

A lot comes with hiring a full-time maid agency where part-time maids are more flexible. You have to undergo signing contracts, interviews, a valid working permit, and more.

No privacy

Your full-time maids will live with you and the part-time maid will not. This will evolve in the invasion of privacy due to the extension of hours to qualify for the full-time maid.

Lack of production:

There is no time limit to when the chores should be completed due to the full-time maid living with you. The work won’t be as efficient as the work of a full-time maid because part-time maids appear to be more energetic.