If you work from home, you know that your home office design makes a big difference in how you feel in the space. A bright, well designed room can motivate you and improve your productivity at work. Thankfully, you don’t need to make big changes to chic up a home office. With a few simple additions, anyone can transform a plain room into a comfortable WFH space that lets you be your creative best. So try out these simple tips to update your home office with ease!

Add a Rug 

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to work in comfort. And nothing adds comfort to a home office more than a rug. A rug instantly elevates the style of your home office, bringing color and texture into the space.

A rug does more than just make your home office look pretty. It lends warmth to the room and makes it more appealing. Adding a  rug can also improve the acoustics by dampening sounds, making your calls sound clearer.

Put up a wallpaper

There’s no reason to stare at blank walls when you’re working from home. Dress up your walls with some wallpaper to completely change the look of your home office. Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to put up and last for years with minimal maintenance. You can find high quality self-adhesive home office wallpapers in a wide range of colors and patterns from trusted brands like The Wallberry.

Wallpapers can give your room a Cinderella-like transformation and influence how you feel in the space. Look for vibrant colors and patterns to keep yourself energized through the day, and light, neutral colors to create a calming home office.

Get a few plants

Bring a bit of nature into your home office with some indoor plants. An indoor plant can liven up your workspace and add a burst of green to the space.

Houseplants also help you feel connected to nature while spending long hours indoors. Much like taking a walk in nature, indoor plants make you feel more refreshed and creative while working.

Change the lighting

Getting the lighting right in your home office can have a big impact on your productivity. A well-lit workspace reduces eye strain and headaches, and makes it easier for you to work.

For best results, consider using a combination of ceiling or wall lights with a dedicated desk lamp. Lamps that change color from bright to warm white can be useful at different times of the day. An adjustable desk lamp can also light up your face and make you look better during video calls.


Accessories help you decorate your office and keep it organized. They are a fun way to inject some color into the room. Be it a painting or a small storage box, adding pieces you love to your home office can make the space more interesting, while also improving your productivity.

Find decor pieces you love to brighten up your home office. It can be a quirky clock or a colorful pencil cup. Don’t forget to add your favorite books and artwork to make your home office feel more cozy and inviting.