Our seasonal spaces tend to accumulate unfavorable elements like molds, mildews, and allergies. That is a bad situation, especially if you’re preparing to spend your summer holiday vacation at your summer home or cottage space. To avoid any unbearable conditions in the home, you should make urgent preparations, from cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens to maintaining fresh air circulation. Although you can get your place cleaned before moving in, our experts have compiled five fan cleaning tips below that you can readily use.

Clear Bathroom Molds

The bathroom is a heavy-duty space in the home, yet a susceptible area for mold growths. This is because our bathrooms tend to accumulate moisture frequently. This cultivates favorable environments and conditions for mold and mildew growths. For instance, black mold is more likely to thrive in places where water spots have been built. Consequently, you might experience respiratory issues, worsen your allergic conditions, or encourage permanent stain grout.

Whenever you spot mold growths in your bathroom, we recommend cleaning them as soon as possible. First, always turn on your bathroom exhaust fan while showering, and be sure to leave the bathroom door open after use. That way, you can minimize the spread of mildew. To further prevent mildew spread, wipe clean the bathroom walls and door after every use. We also encourage cleaning the bathroom before taking a shower or during a shower.

Conversely, you can further keep this situation under control by using products designed for killing and discouraging mold growth. Although the antifungal cleaner is the most preferred by experts, you can use whatever product is at your disposal. Do this by spraying the antifungal cleaner onto the affected areas, then cleaning the areas using proportionate amounts of bleach and water to lift stains, if any. You might prefer other equally effective products, like white vinegar, which kills mold and stops potential growths.

Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets accumulate dirt, grease, and stain over time. This dirt can come from dirty hands or cooking. Besides using a range of chemicals, you can successfully remove grease stains from kitchen cabinets using natural cleaning products like baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon. 

Experts suggest using warm water, a soft cloth, and a spray bottle to use white vinegar. Start by mixing equal proportions of white vinegar and water, then spray the solution onto the cabinets, allowing time to settle. Afterward, rinse the cabinets using a soft cloth and warm water. Tough stains like chocolate spreads might be hard to remove, which might suggest a more substantial approach. Such can be creating a paste of vinegar and salt and using a toothbrush to scrub and wipe clean. 

Clean-Sweep the Home Space

We recommend cleaning various rooms from top to bottom, left to right. For example, you can start by focusing on upstairs bathrooms. The key for every cleaning is starting from a higher point going low. In case of dusting, that could mean handling the higher shelves. That way, you lower the chances of skipping essential areas or spreading dust on already cleaned lower surfaces. Nevertheless, look out for spider webs on porch ceilings, screen railings, windows, and mailboxes. 

While dusting different areas in the home, focus on critical areas like the bottoms of the shelves, the surfaces of the furniture, the picture frames. Meanwhile, wipe clean all the surfaces in the home, including the counters. For instance, pay attention to frequently touched areas like the light switches and the door handles. 

Circulate Fresh Air in the Home Space

Somewhat chilly months may have caused stuffy air to accumulate in the home and considerably reduced the space’s air quality. Surprisingly, this is why most people take breaks from their homes and look for summer vacations where they can enjoy the fresh air and open grounds. 

You can also make your space rich with quality air by allowing room for air circulation. The most basic approach is to open the home windows during summer. However, your house might have accumulated foul odors over time, making the environment slightly unbearable. You can deodorize affected areas by placing bows of baking soda in them. With time, baking soda neutralizes terrible smells. In other places like furniture and mattresses, rather sprinkle the baking soda on surfaces than place bows.

Refresh the Window Treatments

Many experts suggest that summer Is the perfect time to air out various window treatments like curtains and drapes. Lining these treatments in an open space expels stale odors. In addition, we recommend a thorough shake to get rid of dust and foreign elements. You can also run them in a drier, which further removes dust and elements like mites.