Chandeliers have the ability to bring a glamorous effect to any space, creating a classical focal point. A good chandelier should be able to act as a statement piece in a room, creating an ambiance by providing quality lighting. Juliettes Interiors provides a spectacular variety of modern and non-conventional chandeliers for all kinds of lighting solutions.

Below are some of Juliettes Interiors top luxury chandeliers:

Oval Crystal Chandelier

This classical piece is the perfect go-to chandelier for a luxurious look for a modern home. It contains lavish crystal decorations that act as jewelry, standing out as the statement piece in a room. The crystals also create a warm glow that creates a calm yet luxurious ambiance. This piece is ideal for dining areas and kitchen counters.

Murano Glass Chandelier with Amber Pendants

The Murano Glass Chandelier is a timeless piece that adds elegance and finesse to a room. It is impossible to ignore the sleek gold stems that flow seamlessly from the chandelier’s main body. These dangling carved tassels bring a classical vibe to a home’s dining room. It is ideal for dining setups in homes that have a modern farmhouse theme.

Large Floating Chandelier Inspired by Nature

This sophisticated piece is a favorite for nature lovers as it is inspired by the changing seasons of nature. The raindrop design of the light fixtures in this classic piece will make you feel like you are in the middle of a beautiful rainforest. This piece has been designed with the utmost respect to detail, bringing nature’s delicate charisma to the dining room.

Modern Glass Chandelier

The modern glass chandelier has seamlessly combined the modern design of chandeliers with the traditional lighting methodology. The curved metal body that holds the lighting elements has a matt black finish. It stands out as a sculptural piece as it illuminates the room with a gentle warm glow.

Modern Square Glass Chandelier

The modern square glass chandelier slightly differs from the modern glass chandelier in shape. It has a townhouse vibe as it imitates the structure of an industrial city. It majestically stands out due to its size and outstanding features. The lighting elements have a crystal effect, making the chandelier a luxurious home addition.

Industrial Tube Pendant Light

Juliettes Interiors offer the Industrial Tube Pendant Light, a perfect choice for minimalists or people that opt for simplicity with a touch of class. This unique piece is inspired by the urban skyline. This light fixture has a deluxe look that creates harmony with other home decor pieces in a minimalist space. Due to the simplicity of its features, this versatile chandelier can be used in almost every setup as it does not struggle to fit in.

The above list is just a sneak peek of what Juliettes Interiors offers. All their pieces are handcrafted, with full attention to detail and great respect for quality. They have a vast variety of chandeliers for different lighting and home decor needs, all available in different trendy colors combined with a classy finish.