Arizona is the ideal destination for everyone who likes being outside. Although the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the state’s best-known landmark, Arizona is home to many more beautiful views. Additionally, the state is known for its affordable living, strong economy, and excellent job market.

Whether you are relocating to Arizona for retirement or a new job, purchasing a piece of land can be a great move. We’ve curated a simple guide to help you make a good start at land hunting.

Find the Perfect Land for Sale

The combination of big cities, wilderness, and steady economic growth are some of the factors that make Arizona one of the best places to buy raw land. Arizona has everything – from hunting land, camping parcels, and acreage with water to lust vineyards and historical places. Finding land for sale in Arizona is easy as long as you know where to look. Here are some of the state’s counties where you should consider buying land.

Mohave County — Individuals looking for land close to popular recreational areas can find their dream land in Mohave County. Lying in the state’s northwest, the county has a significant portion of the Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu State Park, making it an excellent location for boating, swimming, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Yavapai CountyAbout 75% of the county’s territory is publicly-owned, but the county is roughly the size of Massachusetts, so there is still a lot of land available for purchase at reasonable costs. With 19 wilderness areas entirely or partially located within the county’s borders, the location offers a wide range of options for people who enjoy fishing, camping, hunting, or hiking.

Santa Cruz County — Situated along Arizona’s southern border Santa Cruz County is home to several Old West ghost town tourist sites, vineyards, and outdoor activities. The mild weather and the desert environment are the perfect escape for those enjoying hiking, birdwatching, and learning about the customs of the American frontier.

Navajo County — Navajo County makes up nearly 10,000 square miles of northeastern Arizona and has plenty of acres for sale. The famous Monument Valley, with its red sandstone structures and expansive skies, is located in this county. It also contains a substantial piece of the Ponderosa pine forest and a portion of the Petrified Forest National Park. Golf, hiking, camping, fishing, sightseeing, and scenic drives are among the things to do in Navajo County. 

Evaluate the Land

Once you find a plot of land in the desired part of Arizona that would potentially meet your needs, you should do your due diligence and evaluate the parcel. 

First, search county records to find the deed and ownership history. Make sure that the chain of ownership is in order. Otherwise, you could need to deal with legal papers, which would take more time and money. Don’t forget to research the property taxes as well. Look at the vacant land’s present and potential zoning as well. Do you think the municipality’s plans will conflict with yours? Would you be able to ask for an exception? Are there any deed, usage, or construction restrictions?

Finally, review the property’s physical attributes. Will the space be adequate for your plans? Does the amount of clearing required seem excessive? Is it located on a canal? Is there a direct connection to the utility system there? Is there a plan for expanding the utilities? To ensure no unforeseen easements, look into the plat maps and any accessible land surveys.

Finance Your Land

You’ve finally found the ideal plot of land, which means now is the time to obtain financing. Do you intend to pay in cash, or will a loan be required? Keep in mind that bank loans for the purchase of vacant land are frequently more challenging to obtain than loans for the purchase of existing homes or businesses. Only a few banks lend on undeveloped land, often requiring a substantially higher down payment. It’s best to go through land sellers that offer owner financing. They work with prospective buyers to arrange affordable payments in monthly installments with flexible terms.